A new conversion tool: Give your sales funnel the green light – upselling

How does your online business REALLY become profitable as fast as possible? There is one way you can make more money instantly – with upselling. This is exactly the way Digistore24 vendors make 20% more sales on average. So upselling is an absolute “must” in online marketing, because if you don’t use them, you’re leaving money behind. Stay tuned and learn how easy you can use upselling in your sales funnel to your sales funnel in minutes with a revolutionary (and free!) tool.

…before we delve deeper into the matter though, let’s clarify the basics:

This is how upselling works and how you can sell more using them

You know all about upselling already? Then skip this introduction, you high flyer!
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Here's how you can sell more with upsells :

Imagine you order a coffee. The pretty waitress takes your order and asks you: “ Would you like to have another glass of water or a piece of cake with it?” It is just as easy to upsell your online sales: you can give your customer an additional product immediately after the purchase offer that exactly matches the product that has already been purchased. This simple technique is an easy way to increase your income. You only have to set up the upsell process once. Digistore24 vendors generate an average of 20% more income with upsells , which often determines profit and deficit.


  1. Offer Your customer orders a product and does not end up on the order confirmation page or thank you page as usual. Instead, after completing the purchase, they are directed directly to the upsells sales page and receive an additional offer that perfectly matches the product they have already purchased.
  2. Decision: 1-click upsell Your customer can reject the offer with one click or buy the additional product with a single click. Your customer does not have to enter their data again - very easy to make this purchase decision!
  3. Upsell process You can offer your customers several upsells one after the other and lead them to different products depending on their decision. So you can build whole decision branches.
  4. Purchase completion After the last upsells decision, the order confirmation or thank you page is displayed. Your customer has now not only purchased a helpful additional product, but you have also sold two products in the same buying process. A perfect win-win situation!

This is how to maximize your sales with upselling

…Would you like some fries with that?

If you offer your customers upselling products which compliment the initially bought product perfectly right after the purchase, you can easily increase the turnover per customer.
This simple upselling tactic is incredibly effective not only in the fast food industry:

  • According to Forbes, selling to existing customers is 50% easier than selling to new customers: So consider upselling as a natural step in your customer journey. Additional upselling products can help your customers achieve more success and help them achieve their goals and dreams.
  • E-business industry reports confirm that upselling can account for up to 30% of sales – if you do it a smart way.
  • Digistore24 vendors make an average of 20% more sales by upselling: The “trick” here is not to offer customers products that they cannot use. After all, you’re not offered a piece of cake with a burger…  

Which products are suitable for upselling? 

Don’t forget what you know as a consumer, but as an entrepreneur you might lose sight of:

It is an absolute no-go to palm unsuitable products off on your customers!

It’s not worth annoying your customers for a tiny conversion rate. Sustainable customer relationships will make it much easier to sell more products to your loyal customers rather than convincing new ones. Don’t risk your relationship with your customers by offering them scam upselling products. Instead, offer them products that are interesting and relevant and which perfectly complement the initial product.

Consider upselling as personalized upgrades that increase customer satisfaction.

So you should always offer exactly those products as upselling products, that correspond with the current needs and wishes of your customers and complement your initial product. This will enrich the buying experience of your customers, earn bonus points on your customer loyalty account and increase your sales effortlessly.

Examples of good combinations of initial products and upsells:

Initial product: e-book for vegan cuisine

  • Upsell 1: E-book with recipes for vegan desserts
  • Upsell 2: Guide to a balanced diet as a vegan
  • Initial product: online course on weight training at home

  • Upsell 1: E-book with tips for building muscle without health risks
  • Upsell 2: Guide to healthy eating
  • Initial product: software product

  • Upsell 1: Premium support
  • Upsell 2: Online course for expert use
  • Use upselling on Digistore24 now – it’s free and easy to use

    As a Digistore24 user, you can set up, test and optimize upselling – and you can do it all so quickly and easily that even beginners can get more out of their sales process right away. The best part? For you as a Digistore24 user, this tool is completely free! The revolutionary tool is called Conversion Cockpit and is now available for you. In the desktop overview, click on “Account”, “Products” and the lightning icon. Once set up and optimized, your upselling runs on autopilot and maximize your profit.

    Want to know how your upselling products go down with your customers? If you use upselling and want to make even more profit out of it, you have to test them! With the new Conversion Cockpit, it’s easier than ever.

    >> Read the 2nd part of the blog article and find out what is crucial for upselling split tests!



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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