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We are only successful if you are successful. For this reason, we have once again accelerated Digistore24’s speed of development and managed to develop a new feature almost every month in 2017. The result of this is a total of ten new features and completely transformed documentation.

To help you stay on top of things, we have compiled this article which includes brief descriptions for all of Digistore24’s major new developments, with reference to feature articles, video tutorials and docs from 2017. Make good use of these to drive your online business forward, even before we launch the first major project of 2018.

All the new features at a glance

1. DigiCalls – the automated telephone ticket system

DigiCalls enables everyone to build a fully fledged telephone sales team. You can sell your products at no extra cost by automating the call scheduling, order handling and the commissions you pay to your telemarketers. The best thing about it all? DigiCalls is completely free for users of Digistore24. Try it out.

>> How to use DigiCalls (three-part article series)

>> How to set up DigiCalls (documentation and video tutorial)

2. The Voucher feature: A very effective tool for acquiring new customers

This feature makes it possible for your customers to purchase vouchers from you – both as a regular and as an upsell product. The voucher can then be credited to the purchase of one, several or all products in your range. This way, we give you one of the most effective instruments for acquiring new customers.

>> How to set up vouchers (documentation and video tutorial)

3. Boost product sales with the Shopping Cart feature

With this feature, you can increase your revenue by selling multiple products at once. Via the Shopping Cart feature, your customers can now select multiple products on your website and pay for them in one order transaction by using the Digistore24 order form.

>> How to make it easier for your customers to purchase multiple products (article)

>> How to set up the Shopping Cart on your sales page (documentation)

4. The highest converting feature: the Order Bump

With the Order Bump, we have developed our highest converting feature ever. It places an additional product directly on the responsive order form. The trick? Your customers will automatically purchase the product in the same purchase process unless they actively remove the offer.

>> How to encourage your customers to make an additional purchase (article)

>> How to set up the Order Bump

5. Grant Volume Discounts

With our Volume Discount feature, you can now easily give discounts for high volume purchases – whether it’s for single payments, subscriptions, installments or the purchase of an add-on.

>> How to set up volume discounts (documentation and video tutorial)

6. Zapier connection

With Zapier, you can now easily connect over 1000 web apps to Digistore24. With Zapier integration, you can set up triggers for orders, e-tickets and affiliate partnerships in just a few steps, and thereby automate even more business processes.

>> We show you how to easily create Zaps with Digistore24 here (Zapier documentation)

7. Relaunch of the Digistore24 documentation

In our new documentation, you will find what you are looking for even faster. In addition to a fresh design and precise instructions with step-by-step screenshots, you will now also receive explanations of technical terms as footnotes in the text. Parallel googling is now a thing of the past.

>> All the features of the new documentation (article)

>> Link to the documentation

8. Social Proof Bubble for the sales page and order form

The Social Proof Bubble is an extra feature that, at the time of purchase, shows your customers who has recently bought the product. These are all real purchases that are recorded by our system and displayed anonymously.

>> The multi-functional Social Proof Bubble (article)

>> How to set up the Social Proof Bubble (documentation) + video tutorial on YouTube

9. Create scarcity with the Countdown Timer

Countdowns are one of the most effective conversion tools. This is why we have developed a widget of the same name that places an animated countdown directly on your order form or sales page. You can freely configure the size, color and position of it – as well as the behavior of the countdown (e.g. end time, automatic transfer, etc.).

>> How to limit the time of your offer and encourage your customers to buy (article)

>> How to set up countdowns (documentation)

10. Smart Upgrades

If you use Digimember as a membership solution, you can determine in detail which upgrade products will be displayed to your logged-in members. This way, you ensure that your upgrade proposals are always in accordance with your customer’s membership status.

>> How to set up upgrades, downgrades and member offers (documentation)

11. No more double purchases – through Smart Upsells

This feature prevents your customer from accidentally buying an upsell product that they have previously bought. The system automatically checks if this is the case and then shows your customer the upsell sales page of the next upsell product. This is an effective way of avoiding double purchases in the upsell process.

>> How to set up Smart Upsells (documentation)

We hope this compilation will help you get even more out of Digistore24 in 2018. In any case, we will continue to work hard on the continuous development of Digistore24. You can count on that!



Lars Rieger



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