Bodo Schäfer: The Winners Laws

20 years ago, Bodo Schäfer was on bestseller lists with his book ‘The Winners Laws’. Now, he’s found his way back there again by giving away his most important work via Digistore24. In doing so, he found thousands of enthusiasts who are interested in his paradigms, which are still applicable today. The acclaimed author and success coach thus achieved exactly what he had promised at an early age: To pass on his knowledge and, as a result, support as many people as possible.

“Once you’ve made it, I would like you to make a promise: You should also show others the way,” said his coach to the 26-year-old Bodo Schäfer. At that time, he was struggling with a personal financial crisis and got back on his feet thanks to the help of his mentor. Bodo Schäfer kept his promise. This promise is enabling both him and his knowledge to grow, since he shares this knowledge through his academy and work as an author.

Write 6 pages every day

This is a motto that Bodo Schäfer has lived by ever since he began to record his learning in books. For him, this is nothing more than an item on the list of his many goals which he sets to always stay on the ball and, above all, to be happy with himself. Setting goals, taking them seriously, and constantly pursuing them – these are the foundational principles of success according to Bodo Schäfer. Personal goals also play a very important role in his book, ‘The Winners Laws’. The trick in life is to always have your eyes on an ambitious goal. A goal that may at first seem megalomaniac and out of reach, but over time it becomes more and more tangible. You need a “long-term goal and a daily working method that will lead you there,” says Schäfer. You only have to commit yourself to keep these up on a daily basis. If you do that, “everything will work.”

His own success story proves that this approach works for Bodo Schäfer. He has already written two international bestsellers and having sold many millions of books, he’s one of the most well-known authors in the finance coaching sector. As part of his own academy, he’s appeared as a speaker in sold-out halls all over Europe.

He himself admits that he would never have gotten so far had he not worked together with his mentor, whom he had already met in his twenties. “Every star has a coach,” was already his thinking back then Let’s make it clear: You should never shut yourself off from the support of others. That’s exactly the basic philosophy of Digistore24 – to give millions of people access to expert’s knowledge. This benefits everyone involved and also moves society forward.

This is how Bodo Schäfer sets himself the goals that will lead him to success

“There are three types of goals. A goals, your integrity is really at risk if you don't keep them. You should have relatively few of them. B goals, I want to achieve them, but it's not so bad if I don't achieve them. I would like to have C goals, but just don't want to forget them. But the A goals are what we pull ourselves up against.

This is how Bodo Schäfer succeeds in conveying his specialist knowledge in a way that everyone can understand

“I always write in such a way that an eight-year-old child could understand it. I think if we can't express something that easily, then we haven't thought it through enough ourselves. Because: All really ingenious things are simple."

Studies confirm this relationship between wealth and reading books

“I want to get people to read again. There is a study in the United States that found that people who earn ten times the average wage read an average of 24 books or more a year. The people who earn only the average wage read less than one book a year. The reading brings forward so, that's incredible. But only if we make it a firm habit. "

This is how Bodo Schäfer manages to deal with all potential questions in his book

I find someone in my extended circle of friends for whom I write the book. I take a man and a woman, I put photos of them in front of me and write them a letter. That then becomes the book. Then, I look at the picture and think to myself: What are you thinking now? What objections could you have? What questions could you have? Next, I’ll write exactly that. This way, a dialogue always takes place – between myself and the picture. Every successful author and writer in the world does exactly that.”

These Digistore24-Features won over Bodo Schäfer:

    „The accounting at Digistore24 works really well. I maintain a perfect overview at all times – something which is extremely important to me. Of course, I always want to be able to check how things look financially. On my Digistore24 dashboard, I can quickly gauge the financial situation.“
    „What I had the utmost respect for was the billing system: After a product is sold, affiliates get their share, then you have to deduct VAT, then there’s an Upsell and an Order Bump – the fact that they calculate all this for you is what really gained my respect. It’s such a great help that Digistore24 does this for me!“
    „Through Digistore24, I got to know something completely new. I’ve come to tell people what can make their life better and more beautiful. Through the affiliate program that Digistore24 showed me and made possible, I have much more reach to share my knowledge.“

Facts & figures about Bodo Schäfer:

  • Over 800.000 people have already attended his seminars.
  • 35.000 is the number of people in Moscow he was able to enthuse about his coaching sessions.
  • 2.000 is the number of copies of his book ‘The Winners Laws’ that Bodo Schäfer wanted to give away via Digistore24.
  • 40.000 new customers through this campaign.
  • 30 success strategies are built upon in his book ‘The Winners Laws’.
  • 4 Ls should always be upheld, according to Bodo Schäfer: love, life, learning and lifework.



Polina Katrikh

Senior Editor


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