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Many online companies fail to generate measurable revenue from content. While most people focus on producing the highest quality content possible, only a few think about selling their expertise efficiently. Not so Thomas Klußmann, who with Grü has created a platform attracting 1.3 million visitors; and he successfully monetizes all this traffic with Digistore24.

 “We have been using Digistore24 right from the beginning. A large part of our product sales are now processed through Digistore24 – the same applies for our affiliate marketing and complete customer support”, says Klußmann. The portfolio includes e-books, courses, webinars, and the very popular free-plus-shipping books. The content of the online magazine, which bears the same name, is free of charge and primarily serves to generate traffic and convert it into leads for premium products.

But how does Grü make the leap from producing free content to producing premium content? “By offering uncompromising added value”, reveals Klußmann. “As soon as our users see that we provide quality content, they will come back. Every new contact increases the trust they place in us and their readiness to pay for our premium products”, adds Klußmann.

Digistore24 offers several benefits for Grü Firstly, the platform uses Digistore24 as its payment processor. “With more than 10,000 customers, we cannot manually handle the invoicing” explains Thomas Klußmann. Secondly, the interfaces to other tools are a very strong pro argument. “We avail ourselves of the possibility of successively automating our business processes with Digistore24, primarily via the integrations with Klick-Tipp or Zapier.”

“We use the time gained to reach more people or improve even more processes.” Last but not least, Grü also benefits from integrated affiliate management and easy affiliate partner acquisition. “I post my products on your marketplace, affiliates can promote them in seconds, I get direct traffic on my website, people interact with my content and I have appropriate interfaces behind it that automate my funnel until I make a sale via your order form”, says Klußmann.

The favorite features of Grü

  • Order Bump – We use the Order Bump feature most of all. By using it, we increase our revenue by around 10 to 20%. For example, if I sell one of our free-plus-shipping books for 4.99, I can also simultaneously offer the audio book for 14.99. This way, both products together are just below the 20 euro threshold. This is very important, because as soon as a few cents are added, the conversion rate automatically drops.
  • Upsells – Our second favorite feature is upsells. When a customer makes a purchase, the next step is to offer additional products. It was a wow moment for me when I first realized how much upsells increase revenue. This is really hard for someone who isn’t familiar with this technique or who doesn’t use the feature properly. This results in a huge loss of turnover.
  • The marketplace – The marketplace works excellently for us, especially the affiliate partner acquisition. As a result, we now have two products in the top 10. In addition, there are sometimes 30, 40 partners per day who participate in our program. Needless to say, our turnover and increase in sales reflects this reality.
  • Digistore24– We have enjoyed a significantly higher level of satisfaction since we have been a Digistore24 customer. If customers have questions, we forward them directly to Digistore24 – this way, we can ensure that everyone receives a suitable answer, even with a rapidly growing customer base. And if our customers are satisfied, then so are we.

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Claudio Marinow

Marketing Manager


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