DigiCalls Part 2: More conversions through payments over the phone

You have a telephone sales team but suffer from high cancelation rates? In the second part of our series, learn how to use DigiCalls to make payments directly over the phone – this will not only increase your conversions, it will also dramatically boost customer satisfaction levels.

 Up to now, telephone sales have had one major disadvantage: the payment. Since a direct payment over the phone is not possible, the conversion rate of telephone sales has really suffered in the past.


Because even the most talented telemarketer either had to tediously guide their customers through the order process or offer them a delayed payment method. Both cause disruption to the buying process to your disadvantage – but those days are now over.

Step two: Let your customers pay over the phone with just a few clicks

DigiCalls doesn’t just enable case-based assignment of phone tickets to your telemarketers. It offers your telemarketers the unique opportunity to complete transactions directly over the phone.

Imagine your customer is so pleased with the advice of your sales expert that they cannot wait to buy your product. With DigiCalls, the new order can be placed and paid for at the same time. To do this, the sales expert will dictate a short link generated especially for this purchase to your customer. The Digistore24 order form brought up through this link is pre-filled with existing data such as name, address or email, and the customer only has to enter their payment details.

Has your customer already paid by direct debit or would they like to use this method? Reduce the amount of valuable time between the purchase intention and completion of the sale by creating a fully pre-filled order form and enabling the customer to dictate only their bank details. This will allow your telemarketer to make the payment directly over the phone and it will save your customer from completing unnecessary steps. This way, you demonstrate that you place great value on your customers’ time while driving even more conversions.

With DigiCalls, there’s something for everyone: as a vendor you achieve even more transactions through optimized payment processes and your customers can conveniently pay over the phone.

You will learn the last step in the next article: how to reward your team’s performance in a fair and fully-automated manner via Digistore24.



Lars Rieger



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