Christoph Schreiber: Getting events to take off

Why is it worthwhile for you as an entrepreneur to give away your products? Things that you provide free of charge generate leads, convince your potential customers of the quality of your products and make sure they trust you. This way, you invest in one of the most valuable corporate assets: customer loyalty. It goes without saying, pointlessly giving away of your products doesn’t help at all – you need to have the right strategy combined with smart funnels.

We spoke with Christoph Schreiber, CEO of the event agency Digital Beat, for you. He reaches a huge target group with free congresses on the internet – and he benefits from it effectively. Read how Digital Beat’s sales funnels market successful events like CONTRA.

Free events as entry into the funnel

Needless to say, if participation in the Success- or Founders’ Congress had not been free, Christoph Schreiber and his team would hardly have been able to reach 50,000 interested people. Also, there is of course pressure on organizers of free events to generate payments. But the calculation works: 50,000 participants equals 50,000 leads. 50,000 email addresses that simultaneously represent entry into a perfectly thought-out funnel:

  1. Of course, you can just follw the sessions free of charge at the time they are broadcasted. However, if you want a limitless access to watch them at any time,

    you have to purchase access to the VIP lounge – this is the first offer in the funnel.

  2. The next step is to offer video courses, books or higher-priced coaching courses as one-click upsells.
  3. In between, upcoming offline events are also advertised.

…this way, all Digital Beat events are connected and benefit from the synergy effect.

The benefits of offline events:

“If I now put on a free congress with 50 cool speakers and which you can attend for free if you register with your email address, there’d be few reasons to refuse such an offer. Of course, not everyone will really sit in front of their computers and no interaction is possible. However, as far as knowledge transfer is concerned, an online event delivers just as much as an offline event. But it’s much easier to be there and there are no travel or accommodation expenses. This means there’s no reason not to attend an online congress like ours. In addition, as an organizer you can reach a completely different range of people, often private individuals – in contrast to offline events like Contra.”

The benefits of online events:

„Wenn ich nun einen Kongress mit 50 coolen Referenten anbiete, bei dem du kostenlos dabei sein kannst, wenn du dich mit deiner E-Mail-Adresse einträgst, dann gibt es nur wenig Gründe, dieses Angebot auszuschlagen. Natürlich sitzen niemals alle dann auch wirklich vor ihren Rechnern und es ist auch keine Interaktion möglich. Jedoch was den Wissenstranfer angeht, bringt ein Online-Event genauso viel wie ein Offline-Event. Dafür ist es viel einfacher, dabei zu sein und es gibt keine Anreise- und Hotelkosten. Es gibt also keinen Grund, bei einem Online-Kongress wie unserem nicht dabei zu sein. Zudem kann man als Veranstalter eine ganz andere Masse an Menschen erreichen, vielfach Privatpersonen – im Gegensatz zu Offline-Events wie der Contra.“

How your events become a success:

“We only work with compelling speakers who have a reach and charisma of their own. After all, a congress thrives on the fact that many experts are involved. Of course, it’s also wise to control the content here because it wouldn’t be good if speakers didn’t offer any added value or if they delivered a bad presentation. What also characterizes our events is that we broadcast our major online congresses for ten days at a time – for five to six hours every evening. This live participation is a feature that is particularly exciting and helps to add even more character to the event.”

What makes the event business so exciting:

“For me, curiosity is always an important driver. Discovering new things, seeing new things and doing new things; there is a lot going on at the events. There are new facets every time you organize an event, especially when you go to new places. You can adjust a lot of factors so that you end up with the product you want. And that’s what I enjoy so much.”

These Digistore24 features have convinced Christoph Schreiber to use Digistore24:

“Especially for free online events, one-click upsells are important factors within the funnel – a great Digistore24 feature. For example, we offer video courses based on the presentations.”

“Digistore24 also offers us great features for offline events, especially when it comes to ticket sales. Our employees simply use the Digistore24 app on their smartphones and tablets to check tickets at the entrance. We issue e-tickets directly through Digistore24. You have the option to look in guest lists, see how many people got their tickets and check how many sales were made in total. We can also sell different types of tickets: there are so many little things when you go into the details. And Digistore24 is the perfect platform for that.”

“Digistore24 is no longer an island in our system, but rather is integrated into all processes. When it comes to email marketing, Digistore24 has a direct interface with providers such as Klick-Tipp and Mailchimp. Data evaluations on Digistore24 also function perfectly due to data exchange with other integrated web applications. Digistore24 offers me loads of great possibilities and I was really happy to see my tools working seamlessly thanks to Digistore24!”

The most exciting online marketing events hosted by Digital Beat:


  • CONTRA is probably THE online marketing conference for the industry with a focus on traffic and conversion. Here you discover excellent marketing strategies and the latest tools and tactics from Germany’s best online marketers. In 2019, CONTRA will take place in Düsseldorf on May 23 and 24 and will attract at least 2,000 people this year.
  • The One Idea Mastermind will take place after CONTRA in Düsseldorf. The 25 participants attending the event can expect to meet top entrepreneurs.


  • The Success Congress took place in January 2019. Around 50,000 people took part completely free of charge. Here you can secure access to the VIP Lounge where you can view all the videos from the congress.
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