Fastlane Marketing: Striking the balance between creativity and analytics

Marcel Knopf has been active in online marketing since his early twenties. As an infopreneur, he marketed digital products so successfully that large companies soon wanted to hire him as a performance marketing expert. Marcel Knopf declined this and all other lucrative job offers in order to found the agency Fastlane Marketing. His display campaigns in areas such as health and fitness have generated millions of clicks in a very short time. Working according to the motto “There’s no I in team”, he has built up a team of experienced performance marketing experts who can make the right decisions based on data and creatively build successful campaigns. He sees Fastlane’s collective performance marketing expertise as one of the core competitive advantages in a market filled with agencies that have grown out of traditional marketing.

Marcel Knopf is not only a performance marketing expert, he is also an experienced entrepreneur. He spoke about these roles with Digistore24, revealing both his shortcomings and his best practices:

Is it better to be a lone ranger entrepreneur or to cooperate with a business partner? Marcel Knopf sums up the pros and cons of both concepts:

“If you are at the beginning of your venture, having a business partner will serve as a catalyst for growth. A business partner is someone with whom you can exchange ideas and someone who will drive you forward. However, in the active growth phase you have to make sure that decision-making processes with your business partner do not become too time-consuming. If you have to collaborate with them for every single decision, it is easy to slow each other down. This is when you have to specify clear areas of responsibility and trust each other 100%. If you cannot do this, it is time to go your separate ways.”

This aspect is most underestimated by entrepreneurs:

“Many entrepreneurs underestimate the significance of the pricing strategy and set the price intuitively rather than based on data. However, price is the strongest economic factor. Nothing has such a strong and direct impact on profit as a change in price. With one of my customers, I have already experienced that a price increase of only 10% has doubled profits. On the subject of pricing, I recommend a great book by Professor Dr. Hermann Simon, the inventor of the Deutsche Bahn loyalty card [Deutsche Bahn is the largest railway operator in Europe] – it’s called “Preisheiten“.

This is how entrepreneurs can effectively implement performance marketing:

“If you are still in the start-up phase and do a lot of things on your own, you often don’t have the capacity to get up to speed in performance marketing, create campaigns and make data-based decisions. Entrepreneurs often have to operate as effectively as possible with very limited time. The perfect solution for this initial phase is to outsource performance marketing to an agency. As your company grows, you can either hire a good performance marketer or invest in the training of a marketing employee as needed.”

Click-by-click instructions on how to use paid advertising to attract users to your site, as well as practical examples of Google AdWords and Facebook ads, can be found in Marcel Knopf’s new book Traffic.

Using this sales strategy, Fastlane Marketing converts potential customers into paying customers:

“We invest a great deal in fostering trust in our expertise. When it comes to larger projects, we usually arrange an appointment lasting several hours at our office in order to dig deeper into the marketing strategy with the client. I would like to emphasize that this is not a sales pitch – we actually work for several hours on developing a strategy. If the clients are convinced of the strategy we have worked on, they usually want to work with us as well. It goes without saying that this process of finding a strategy has a sales intention, but above all it is a way of showing the customer the possibilities that digital marketing can offer them.”

What Marcel Knopf learned from his € 6,500 mistake:

“During a performance marketing campaign with
€ 10,000 advertising expenditure per day, I started as usual with a split test. The test was conducted and clearly showed that version B was a total failure and that version A worked much better. So I deactivated version B before my flight to the United States. I finished the split test, boarded the plane and calmly set my smartphone to airplane mode. You’ve already guessed it – I misclicked and let the looser version run for hours. Once I landed, I noticed the loss of € 6,500 to my advertising budget.”

“This mistake has taught me that you need to keep a very close watch on your campaigns. When it comes to performance marketing, you really have to be careful and work very precisely. This is why precision is one of the key characteristics I look for in a performance marketer. In my opinion, the perfect marketer is someone who combines creative genius and analytical thinking. It’s a combination that you rarely encounter.”

Marcel Knopf’s favorite features on Digistore24:

“The Upsells feature is the biggest lever to ensure the funnel performance potential is fully reached. The Upsells feature guarantees that the customer is offered additional products immediately after the purchase. Traditional payment providers aren’t familiar with this feature and don’t understand how crucial it is. That’s why classic payment functionalities should automatically be ruled out for all smart distributors of digital products.”

“Unseren Kunden mit hochpreisigen Produkten empfehlen wir stets die Nutzung von DigiCalls. In diesem Segment ist es essentiell, den Kunden von dem Produktwert zu überzeugen. Mit DigiCalls kann man ein Telesales-Team aufbauen, um diese erklärungsbedürftigen Produkte effektiv zu vermarkten.”

“We always recommend the use of Digicalls to our customers with high-priced products. In this segment, it is essential to convince the customer of the product’s value. With Digicalls, you can build a telesales team to market these products effectively.”

“The conversion-optimized sales form is permanently used by our customers. We adapt the sales form to the corporate design as well as to the respective product of our customers. This allows us to create a wonderful UX – the end customer is not even aware that Digistore24 acts as a reseller.”

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