Gorilla CRM: Smart SaaS sales

Dominik Sattler is one of those entrepreneurs that like to leave no stone unturned. In other words, he always wants to avoid taking a “leap of faith” where the outcome is unknown. After testing almost every product in his company, from the smallest project management tool to SAP, he decided to develop his own all-in-one system. This endeavor led to Gorilla CRM, which captured the mid-sized market at a rapid pace. In an interview with Digistore24, Dominik Sattler reveals how he positions his software in the highly competitive CRM market and which sales techniques he uses to achieve six-digit monthly sales just a few months after the launch.

Gorilla CRM has developed an exciting sales concept that is based on smart positioning and integrates sophisticated sales and marketing techniques. Read how CEO Dominik Sattler built his software company and led it to success:

The distinctive features of Gorilla CRM’s positioning

An all-in-one solution for all the pain points of SMEs

  • The pain points of SMEs
    “The German middle class is the engine that drives our economy. Many hidden champions from the German SMEs have built up a solid reputation and offer great products in markets across the world. Some of these companies have gigantic customer pools, but no CRM – this means they don’t really know their customers. They struggle to classify their customers, don’t know where their customers are in the customer journey at any given time and aren’t aware of the best time to make an offer.”
  • The all-in-one solution
    “Gorilla provides SMEs with more than just a customer database. We have a revolutionary understanding of CRM: instead of a simple customer database with contact details, we offer an all-in-one solution. Our system is based on CRM and also offers a portal with a complete overview of all activities in the company, from accounting to project management. This allows Gorilla to control the company in a centralised and agile way and to map all positions, processes and tools. To put it simply, our software encompasses the management of sales, leads, online marketing, finance, the customer journey, customer management, corporate communications and much more.”
With this unique selling propositions (USP), Gorilla CRM communicates its software's values to its customers
  • All-in-one solution
    “Gorilla can only do one thing – and that is EVERYTHING. This is our motto, our slogan and our commitment alike.”
  • Complete package/over delivery according to our motto “We prefer to deliver too much rather than too little”
    “Our customers get EVERYTHING Gorilla has to offer right from the outset – no chargeable upgrades, no subscription traps. Our customers don’t have to use any additional software or other tools.”
Gorilla CRM has grown rapidly with these sales techniques
  • Automated telephone sales via Digistore24
    “We have built a great and motivated team through Digicalls. We value financial incentives and generous commissions to ensure that our people are well paid and are enthusiastic about their job.”
  • Sales partner system
    “Our biggest incentive for our affiliates is the exceptional customer lifetime value, which is five to seven years for a CRM customer. For our affiliates, this means five to seven years of passive income from ongoing commissions.”

    • Classic affiliates via Digistore24
      “On the Digistore24 marketplace, we find affiliates with B2B reach who market our software to our target group, namely German-speaking SMEs.”
    • Premium affiliates
      “We have built up a very exclusive group of qualified Gorilla consultants. We train these consultants with detailed and informative webinars and provide them with an internal contact person or coach. Equipped with concentrated CRM knowledge and Gorilla competence, they support SMEs in implementing Gorilla CRM and help them to make the most of all the possibilities. It goes without saying that these premium affiliates receive generous remuneration.”
This marketing tool ensures a constantly growing customer pool

“Gorilla CRM cooperates with the major players in the SME market for automation and digitalization. We present our partners on our website and recommend their services to our customers. Our partners return the favor by recommending us to their customers. This creates a wonderful win-win-win situation: both we and our partners get more reach in the relevant target groups and our customers get useful recommendations for the best service providers in the field of automation and digitalization.”

Dominik Sattler’s favorite features on Digistore24:

“On the Digistore24 marketplace we find fantastic affiliates for our affiliate program. In addition, we have advertising partners in our premium program in whom we invest resources and who we train to become real CRM experts. They not only deliver excellent leads, but they also impart advice to the acquired customers.”

“Gorilla CRM as a typical SaaS company has user limitations. This means that the price structure adapts flexibly to the size of the company. For example, a company can start with five employees, and later create accounts for new employees in our system and delete accounts of former employees. Billing on demand enables our customers to adapt their payment plan to their current number of employees at the push of a button and to independently book or cancel employee accounts. Our customers really appreciate this direct implementation process without telesales, which also takes a burden off our own shoulders.”


Automation of all commission transfers and invoices
“At Gorilla CRM, we now have a very large telesales team with many independent sellers. With Digicalls, we have perfectly solved the challenge of paying our sellers their commission in an accurate and automated way. We outsourced the commissioning and the invoicing completely to Digistore24 and got rid of this administrative process.

100% control and a perfect overview
“Digicalls offers us an organized dashboard that shows us at any time which employees have worked on how many contracts. We can see how high the conversion rate was and find out on which days and at which times we perform best. In addition, we can have the performance cycles displayed in a chart, and the statistics can be tracked, analyzed and adjusted.”

Immediate payout of the commission
“I find it very important to know that my sales people are really well paid. All sales in Digistore24 are displayed in real time, which means that my sales people get their sales commission partly in real time. Their iPhone app sounds and our people at Gorilla really appreciate this. For this reason, Digicalls is a really strong asset when it comes to recruiting for telesales.”

Flexibility in setting up the telesales team
“Digicalls is the perfect solution for setting up a remote team: we have maximum flexibility in deploying our staff and can rely on the fact that they will be paid on time and in a reliable manner. In this respect, I trust Digistore24 100%.

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