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With the establishment of Koko Trading College, Koko Petkov has dedicated himself to accomplishing the goal of giving his customers not only financial, but also emotional freedom. Since 2013, he has been giving individual coaching, seminars and online training to one of the most extreme professions out there. The real breakthrough to becoming market leader for trading courses came a year later with Digistore24.

The foundation for this success was a scaling in two steps: the automation of the complete bookkeeping as well as the reinvestment of this time to ensure successful online marketing. “After reducing our bookkeeping from multiple folders to one sheet of paper with Digistore24, we put the basic sales processes in place and steadily received more traffic.”


The result is one of the largest German-language social media channels on the topic of trading, as well as more than 7,000 paying customers. The enormous scaling “just happened” thanks to Digistore24 and the simplified processes, because suddenly it no longer mattered whether one, ten or a hundred customers made a purchase during the day.

Koko Trading’s favourite features

Fast and reliable payouts
I get my money every two weeks which means I can reinvest in my business very quickly.

The Download Vault
For me personally, this is the most important thing and one of the decisive factors in choosing Digistore24. The vault ensures that my product is delivered safely and reliably immediately after the purchase.

The Social Proof Bubble
This is one of my favorite features because it builds trust so unbelievably well. The Bubble is often the deciding factor, particularly for my high-priced products, as it anonymously displays real purchases.

Add-ons and Upsells
These two features enable you to increase sales per customer enormously, because you simply get more out of a conversion. This means that I sell several products in a purchase process; that is extremely powerful.

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