Quick Start Guides: Launch your online business in an hour

Do you want to build your business and earn money online, but don’t know where to start?
Bingo! We have exactly the right thing for you:
On Digistore24, you can create your product, automate all processes and start selling straight away. We know that time is of the essence for you as an online entrepreneur, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started within an hour: our new Quick Start Guides.

Start your online business in one hour

  1. Determine your area of business and get a customized guide

    Every business area has its own requirements. We adapt to these in detail to give you exactly the right tools that will lead to your success. To get started with your product, click on your business area in the Quick Start Guides:

  2. Follow the practical step-by-step guides with visuals: packed with the latest features!

    Once you’ve selected your category, the best way to get started – yes, you’ve already guessed it – is by clicking on the link Read First! After you’ve learned about how Digistore24 works, you can lay the foundation for your online business:

    The basics
    Here you will find detailed instructions on how to create your product in Digistore24 in no time while simultaneously automating all fundamental tasks of the sales process. For example, an invoice to be sent automatically and reminders to be sent for rejected payments. We work in the background to take care of things like VAT and take over parts of your accounting so that you can concentrate on your core business.
    Advanced product settings
    Now you can optimize your sales process and activate features that will make your life easier and further automate your business. If you sell digital products, you can use the Download Vault to ensure that your product is delivered safely to the customer. If you sell software, you can set up the automatic distribution of license keys to protect your software from illegal distribution. In short: We’ve prepared the perfect feature for every business area to support you in the best way possible.
    Account management
    It may sound boring but it’s actually something to be desired – here you can create your payout account so that all income is immediately transferred to your bank account. If you are starting with several partners, you’ll also get instructions here on how to automatically split your revenue and make pro-rata transfers.
    More promotional tools
    You’ll get robust tools to fine-tune your sales strategies, optimize your conversion and to help you take advantage of every opportunity Digistore24 offers to sell successfully. In just a few clicks, you can set up promotional extensions such as Upsells and Add-ons.

Four reasons why you can perfectly set up your online business with the Quick Start Guides:

You have more important things to do than researching the basics  and following complicated instructions. That’s why we’ve gathered all the most important information for you and compressed it into clear step-by-step guides:

An instruction manual for starting your online business:
The Quick Start Guides seamlessly guide you step-by-step into your online business.

Visuals for an easy set-up:
All processes are illustrated with helpful step-by-step screenshots and videos so that you always have an overview.

Customized promotional tools for your product:
You’ll get the best features tailored specifically to your product. Use them to optimize your conversion and increase your revenue.

From gobbledegook to English:
All technical terms are explained as footnotes in the text so that you don’t have to look anything up. You can focus on setting up your business.


>> Click here to go to your Quick Start Guides for your online business

Can you manage to get started in less than an hour? 😉
Share your best times as well as tips and hacks on how to start an online business in the comments below!

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