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Top 10 Survival Products on Digistore24

December 7, 2023

7 Min. Read

Top Survival Products on Digistore24

Are you in the market to promote the best survival affiliate products on Digistore24?

The Digistore24 Marketplace is packed with many amazing survival offers, and to help you take your sales to the next level, we've handpicked some of the best performing ones!

Between amazing prepper guides with high-converting VSL's, DIY guides with TSL's and promo emails written by top copywriters, as well as ebooks on how to be completely self-sufficient, we've got it all!

These gems that we've highlighted in this article convert like crazy across multiple channels, and we recommend testing them out ASAP!

So, if you want to promote the best selling survial affiliate products on Digistore24 and earn up to 90% commissions, make sure to give this list your undivided attention.

Here are the top 10 survival offers on Digistore24!

1. The Ultimate Energizer Guide

The Ultimate Energizer Guide Digistore24

Let's start off this list with a certified winner!

The Ultimate Energizer is a simple cost-effective solution that can help customers to save up to 80% on monthly electricity bills. Digistore24 affiliate marketers love promoting this offer, and it goes to show...

The offer has been consistently ranking in the top 5 Digistore24 monthly offers list for the past few months.
The Ultimate Energizer features a fresh VSL that is converting like crazy, along with great swipes, as well as an ultra optimized upsell funnel that is certain to boost your affiliate sales.

And the best part?

You can get up to 90% commissions on both front and back end sales. It crushes on Facebook, especially with cold traffic interested in survival, green, home and garden niches.

If you want to learn more about this top performing survival offer, sign up or log into your Digistore24 account and visit the Digistore24 Marketplace.

  • Commission: 90%
  • AOV: $55.16
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2. Pocket Farm

Pocket Farm Digistore24

Another killer survival offer that is climbing the Digistore24 ranks fast is Pocket Farm.

With Pocket Farm, customers can have their own food stockpile be built on autopilot, and have a shot at becoming self-sufficient and independent. This is one of the main hooks that can pique potential customers' interest.

Conversion rates are high, and fluctuate between 6% and 18%, and reports say it even got 11% conversion rate in a dead list!

Pocket Farm comes with a high-converting VSL that will hook your audience instantaneously! And you can also enjoy 75% commissions on both front and backend items, and low refund rates of just 3%.

It's truly a money making survival offer on Digistore24 that you need to test out with your traffic ASAP!

For more info and to grab your swipes, make sure you sign up or log into Digistore24 and access the Digistore24 Marketplace.

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $44.37
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3. The Doctor's Book Of Survival Home Remedies

The Doctor's Book Of Survival Home Remedies Digistore24

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies is an essential resource for maintaining good health and wellness, even in the most trying circumstances.

It's doing really well for affiliates, and it's one of the top best selling survival products on the Digistore24 Marketplace.

This comprehensive guide, penned by a team of experienced medical professionals, equips customers with over 150 natural remedies, empowering them to take control of their health and navigate any situation. They will discover a treasure trove of knowledge on herbs, supplements, and holistic techniques, each meticulously researched.

You can grab everything you need from the Digistore24 Marketplace to start promoting this winner. Just make sure to sign up or log in to your account first.

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $73.73
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4. No Grid Survival Projects

No Grid Survival Projects Digistore24

No Grid Survival Projects is making waves on the Digistore24 Marketplace.

And as the offer states... "It's the only book you'll need to survive a World without electricity”. 

The immediate payoff of this book is that it can teach anyone how to be independent and self-sufficient on their own property. Because nobody needs to depend on anyone for basic needs.

The book was written by a veteran, survivalist and self-taught DIY-er with decades of experience building completely unique projects. These projects have helped hundreds of people generate electricity, harvest and filter rainwater, grow and preserve food and natural remedies, set traps, stockpile fuel long-term, and much more.

So, head over to to grab your assets and earn 75% commission on initial sales, coupled with 3 upsells with an additional 75% commission.

No Grid Survival Projects also boasts solid EPCs. Go to the Marketplace for more info, if you're interested in promoting a top surival product.

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $60.76
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5. Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System Digistore24

Water Freedom System is a monster converter on Digistore24 and is ranking as one of the top survival affiliate products on our Marketplace.
It comes with a fresh VSL and ultra-optimized upsell funnel, ensuring that affiliates are equipped with top-notch promo assets to make as many sales as possible.
It’s great for cold traffic and has been getting insanely high EPCs for survival and prepper traffic, as well as conservative traffic!
And right now, they are offering a whopping 90% commission to their affiliates.

Go to the Digistore24 Marketplace by signing up or logging in to Digistore24 to learn more about Water Freedom System and get instant access to creatives.

  • Commission: 90%
  • AOV: $68.21
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6. Air Fountain

Air Fountain Digistore24

Air Fountain! Turns Air Into Water and Traffic Into Cash!

They have a pretty catchy slogan, don't they?

Air Fountain is yet another top ranking survival product on the Marketplace with an amazing VSL to help affiliates maximize their income.

It has incredible email conversion rates and you can promote it as a solution to huge megadrought in the US, or worldwide.

To grab your swipes and to start promoting, head to the Digistore24 Marketplace now!

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $53.42
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7. Kinetic Power System

Kinetic Power System Digistore24

Kinetic Power System is a certified winner among affiliates, and the offer even boasts a 90% commission rate - so you know you're going to get paid a hefty sum for each sale.

That's a really good motivator, if you ask us.

Kinetic Power System is a simple energy hack that kills power bills and can help your clients generate power on demand. Similar to all the other best selling survival products in this list, this one also boasts a super convincing VSL to aid you in your promo efforts.

The offer also comes with an optimized upsell funnel and winner swipes & tools!

Kinetic Power System crushes on Facebook, Youtube, as well as cold traffic with insane EPCs on survival, green, home & garden and more.

For more details, go to, log in, and check out the offer on the Marketplace.

  • Commission: 90%
  • AOV: $62.63
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8. Survive the 2020s

Survive the 2020s Digistore24

Promoting this ebook can put money in your pocket daily!

Survive the 2020s brings a unique and controversial point of view to prepping. 

It shines a bright light on the shortcomings of conventional wisdom when laying down the foundation of a survival plan, while providing concrete, “battle tested” solutions that answer to every prepper’s needs.

This fresh approach is clear-cut and has all the ingredients of a best-seller: strong story-line, it tackles all the pain-points of the costumer, it has multiple discount, an effective funnel and irresistible products.

No wonder it's doing great on Digistore24...

Apart from being a great survival product, it also comes with an optimized upsell package, killer TSL, loads of resources and, the cherry on top - low refund rates!

So, it's time to test it out with your survival traffic. Grab everything you need from the Digistore24 Marketplace and let's get started!

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $92.09
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9. BlastProof

BlastProof Digistore24

Are you ready to take your promotions to the next level with Blast Proof?

Get insane conversion rates between 6% and 18%, 75% commissions on front and backend items, and enjoy Blast Proof's generous AOV.

Blast Proof is the ultimate guide to prep your home for a sudden EMP attack on the grid, and  surviving the unthinkable.

If you want to find out more, it's time to check out Blast Proof on the Digistore24 Marketplace!

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $88.38
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10. SurvivalMD

SurvivalMD Digistore24

Let's close our top Digistore24 survival products list with a bang!

SurvivalMD is an amazing offer that is doing incredibly well on the Marketplace. The book teaches people how to thrive without doctors and hospitals and it's a favorite amongs survivalists and preppers.

The offer comes with very good promo content, including a high-converting VSL & TSL.

Ready to test it out?

See you on the Digistore24 Marketplace!

  • Commission: 75%
  • AOV: $30.05
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And there you have it, the survival offers on Digistore24.

Make sure to test out these out with your audience and see how they perform, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Ready to earn big with these best selling health offers? We hope you are!


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Robert Demeter, Content Writer, Digistore24


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