Frédéric Ebner: from apprentice to trader coach and million-dollar entrepreneur

Frédéric Ebner is a sought-after coach on the subject of stock exchange trading. However, he didn’t become a millionaire overnight. In his youth, he repeatedly invested his apprenticeship salary in stocks, but often made wrong calculations and lost his entire monthly salary on a number of occasions. However, Frédéric Ebner never gave up on his dream and managed to work his way up from deep crises several times. His motivation? According to him, it’s the best gift a man can have: his dream woman who accompanies him through all the ups and downs and who inspires him to reach for the stars.

These insights marked the turning point for Frédéric Ebner's success

“I fell flat on my face over and over again with my numerous business ideas until I met the woman of my life. She really gave me a piece of her mind and opened up new perspectives for me. Once I had internalized these new ways of thinking, my business began to soar. My wife didn’t actually teach me secret trading techniques – instead, she completely adjusted my mental attitude.”

  • Be sure to persevere and stick to your goals:
    “This was one of the first lessons I learned from my wife. When you begin something, stick with it and believe in yourself, especially when times are tough.”
  • Invest in yourself:
    “If you want to learn and achieve something, you have to invest time and money. My wife inspired me to continue developing myself further. I’ve read a lot of technical literature on psychological mechanisms that influence success and have booked courses in order to acquire the know-how necessary for my success.”
  • Think big, but plan in small steps:
    “Whenever I spoke to my wife about my vague business ideas, she would ask me questions such as ‘where exactly do you want to go?’ and ‘how will you get there?’ It’s not like I didn’t ask these questions myself – it’s just my wife was more persistent in her approach. At that time, I told my wife that I wanted to have a hundred million in my bank account, wanted to protect rainforests and wanted to improve the world. Those were my life’s dreams. But my dreams seemed so unattainable and I didn’t know how to achieve them. I could see the ultimate goal in the distance, but didn’t know the next step to bring me to the interim goal. Once I became aware of this paradox, I began to think in small steps that could be planned out.”
  • This is Frédéric Ebner's insider tip as a self-made trading coach

  • “My knowledge advantage over my customers was not great. Nevertheless, I didn’t let myself be intimidated by it. This is because I knew my main strength was presenting complicated things simply and teaching them to others in an understandable way.”
  • “The fact that some of my students enjoy more success with trading than I do myself has always been the greatest of compliments. I gather feedback as well as tried-and-tested tips from my most successful students and incorporate them into my trading course. This way, I can keep improving my course.”
  • How Frédéric Ebner increases revenue from his current online courses by 70%

    “When I produce an online course, I break it down into several sub-courses that logically build on each other. Experience shows that 70% of all participants buy the next product at the end of the course. This is how I increase my income by 70%.”

    How Frédéric Ebner successfully markets his complex info products on the internet

  • Selling my products is all about emotions.What convinces the customers is the message, ‘you will be successful. You will earn a lot of money by trading.’ This marketing strategy enables me to be very successful, even with cold traffic. I can use this emotional message to reach people who have never had anything to do with trading.”
  • “It is paramount to present the highly complex subject of stock trading as simply as possible. Non-experts are convinced that you must be able to understand yield curves and predict the ECB’s decisions when trading stocks. My approach is to show people that they can start for free and set everything up within two hours.”
  • How Frédéric Ebner keeps a firm hold on his 8.000 affiliates and ensures that they work profitably for him

  • Provide your affiliates with excellent advertising media
    “Affiliates are crucial in the sales process and can enjoy even greater success when they have quality advertising materials at their disposal, such as professionally designed banners and prescribed social media templates.”
  • Be generous and pay good commissions
    “Affiliates are very valuable because they bring in new customers. Generous commissions spur them on to perform even better.”
  • Proactively inform your affiliates about all your new products
    “Always keep your affiliates in the loop and make absolutely sure you introduce them to any new products. This is the only way to reach the full potential of your affiliate network.”
  • Allow your affiliates to only promote your free products
    “My insider tip is to let affiliates promote a free product. This means that potential customers have nothing to lose and no inhibition threshold to try out your products without obligation.”
  • Enable lifetime commissions
    “Subscription products are particularly lucrative for affiliates because they generate passive income and the customer receives high added value.
  • The highs and the lows in the professional life of Frédéric Ebner

    • 18 years old – Lost equivalent of 7 months salary on his first attempt at trading
    • 19 years old – First eBook publication
    • 25 years old – Met the woman of his life, who, after 26 failed business ideas, set the course for his success
    • 25 years old – First info product launched in the field of healing/healthcare
    • 26 years old – 5-figure debts incurred by trading without a secure trading system
    • 27 years old – A lot of money and time invested in trading and marketing training
    • 28 years old – First video course released for trading novices
    • 28 years old – Developed own trading system, released trading training programs that have been sold over 20,000 times so far

    These Digistore24 features have convinced Frédéric Ebner to exclusively use Digistore24 for his business:

      “At the time, it was the affiliate marketplace that led me to Digistore24. Here, I’ve built my affiliate network of over 8,000 partners.”
      “Originally I had several providers for different payment processing. It was a very stressful process to get everything under one roof and to manage it. Once I finally began to sell all my products via Digistore24 alone, I could bid farewell to doing my own accounting. Easy for me and easy for my customers – perfect!”
      “It sounds trivial, but if things like returns processing don’t work properly, it can really slow a company down. Digistore24 took this job off my hands, which was a big relief and released a lot of capacity.”
       “What makes Digistore24 special for me is the guaranteed top conversion rate through tools like the Order Bump, Social Proof Bubble and others. Upsells are just great! With Upsells, the purchase decision is made quickly and revenue increases considerably. The better conversion rate especially takes effect with a high sales volume. Calculated over the whole year, small percentage points in the conversion rate can amount to several 100,000 euros.”



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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