Get started as an online coach: Expert tips from Pascal Feyh

“How do I get more traffic, more conversion, more business?” All online entrepreneurs ask themselves these questions. The online marketing consulting agency “Mehr Geschäft” provides answers to the burning questions of online marketing and takes companies to the next level. Its founder Pascal Feyh has been a successful serial entrepreneur in the field of eCommerce since 2002 and a popular coach since 2012. In his coaching sessions, he discloses the secrets behind his online marketing success and passes on his expert knowledge. In an interview with Digistore24, Pascal Feyh shares insider knowledge about online coaching and online marketing.

Find out what is important in online coaching and online marketing: Pascal Feyh reveals his mistakes as a newcomer and shares insider tips.

Read more of Pascal Feyh’s winning formulas and online marketing step-by-step guides in his new book “Mehr Geschäft Online Marketing Kompendium” (only available in German) – it is free for the Digistore24 community.

Future forecasts for the online marketing industry

  • “Even in 20 years' time, online marketing will only have one goal: Selling! That's what matters."
  • "The customer becomes much faster through multi-touchpoint sales experiences and you as an online marketer have to keep up the pace."
  • “Old sales techniques are combined with new marketing technologies. So keep the sales classics on your bookshelves. "
  • “Don't dawdle when it comes to new technologies ! Keep educating yourself to ride the wave of time and not to trot behind. "
  • This is what matters in the online coaching industry

  • Honesty
    "Lies have short legs: if you base your business on a lie and pretend to have earned millions, a mocking online comment from an offline friend can ruin your career. There are no second chances in this industry. "
  • Authenticity
    “Don't try to pretend expert knowledge or experience. Better to build on your own strengths. Example? If you pretend you've been in the industry for years, you'll quickly be exposed and with this strategy you won't be able to keep up with real experts anyway. If, instead, you openly tell that you've been with us for a few months and have dug your way day and night, you can position yourself authentically with the newcomers to the industry. "
  • Expertise
    “Customers are not stupid. You will only pay your hard-earned money to coaches who know exactly what they are talking about and can also prove your expertise. Build your coaching on something that you are really familiar with: dog training, knitting to cope with stress, tai chi for seniors ... Find your niche in the coaching market! "
  • The decisive advantage of digital products

    “The large margin and the potential for passive income ! With digital products, you save material and logistics costs. Sure, you have to do something first and bring a first-class quality product to market. Digistore24 takes care of everything else and automates all processes. That saves time and money and I only say "Thank you!" When my cash register rings. This is how business is really fun! "

    Pascal Feyh's insider tip in the coaching business

    “Use the B2B market for small and medium-sized companies. Although global players have almost no budget restrictions, they are a target group that is competitive among market experts. Private individuals often have a limited budget and are therefore hesitant. Rather proactively approach small and medium-sized companies. You have a need for coaching and also have a budget to spend. "

    Pascal Feyh reveals his rookie mistakes in the online coaching business

    1. Defines the scope ofthe service
      “Define clearly the period, the scope and the type of your services. If you don't, you risk a never-ending story, especially in the areas of flat rate and private coaching. "
    2. Stay away from over-delivery
      “As a beginner you often tend to underestimate yourself and your performance. But if you pack on more and more services , the impression arises that the core service is not valuable enough - you devalue your business.
    3. Business out of friendshipis a no-go; friendship out of business is the way to go
      “You just have to take my word for it here. I've fallen on my nose often enough - save yourself this experience!

    Pascal Feyh shares his best practices as an entrepreneur

    1. Set yourself high goalsand don't underestimate the value of your products and services. “I haven't become successful by setting myself modest goals. If you look steeply upwards, you also move steeply upwards. "
    2. Don't hesitate
      , just do it! "There is a study on this: if you have a great idea, you have to take the first step towards implementation within 72 hours - from then on, the chance of implementation decreases exponentially."
    3. Find successful mentors "Get successful people to share their knowledge with you."

    Pascal Feyh’s favorite Digistore24 features:

    • Compatibility with other common content systems: Digistore24 allows you to seamlessly integrate apps and application systems such as Mailchimp, Zapier and many others.
    • Customized payment forms are the key to high conversion rates and have a direct influence on the purchasing behavior of customers. The payment forms at Digistore24 can be customized and are conversion-optimized in a superb way. This means that corporate design can be adhered to and the customer does not feel like they’re being passed on. This way, the cart abandonment rate is minimized.
    • Trust Tools like Testimonials, social proof bubbles and other trust tools help to increase trust in your products and boost the sales.
    • Affiliate system: Digistore24 has one of the largest affiliate platforms in Europe.



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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