Introducing the Download-Vault

We make sure that your digital product will get to your customers safe and sound!

We all know the problems that can appear when you offer your customers to download your digital product – technical difficulties due to server overload, hacker attacks, viruses or illegal distribution of digital products. Since you probably prefer spending your time on other things than making sure that a download link works properly, we’ve created a unique service for you at Digistore24 – our Download-Vault.

This feature guarantees an easy and virus-free download of your digital product for your customers. For this purpose they are redirected to a new thank you page on Digistore24 after their purchase, where they will find the secure download link.

As a vendor you will also benefit from Download-Vault as our secure download links will protect you from illegal distribution of your digital products. You can adjust the security settings of your download link yourself by adding a time limit and/or a limit to how many times the link can be used.

We are aware of how much work, time and cost you have invested in you digital product and that’s why we do all we can to ensure that your product is safe with us. You are only one upload away from leaning back in your seat and leaving the delivery of your digital products up to us. Find out more about the fast and simple implementation of the Download-Vault by watching our detailed Digistore24-Knowledgebase.

Don’t hesitate! As a vendor you are committed to the safe delivery of your product. We would like to take this load off your shoulders with our Download-Vault, so you can focus on what really drives your business forward. In the meantime we will make sure that your customers will get a safe product.



Lars Rieger



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