Manuel Gonzalez: Reposition in quantum leaps

Manuel Gonzalez is an ambitious serial entrepreneur who doesn’t shy away from daring to make quantum leaps: He has already successfully accomplished the leap from flirt coaching to business coaching. By doing this, Manuel has come a great deal closer to his self-imposed mission in life – helping people to lead a self-determined and happy life. The next stage in Manuel Gonzalez’s life’s mission is investing in biotech companies that extend people’s lifespan. In an interview with Digistore24, he revealed how he managed to reposition his established brand and how he is getting closer to his great mission in life every day.

Quantum leap 1: Repositioning from flirt coaching to business coaching

Manuel Gonzalez entered the coaching industry with topics like self-confidence and communication: He built the biggest flirt school in Germany. At some point, this area became too narrow for him. Even his success, recognition from customers and colleagues, and impressive sales were no longer enough for him. He developed the desire to bring his mission – to help other people to achieve their goals – to the next level. He is now a proven expert in making successful online coaches out of people and their unique knowledge. Manuel Gonzalez supports his clients to build up a location-independent coaching business, enabling them to lead a life of freedom and independence. This is how Manuel Gonzalez managed to radically reposition his personal brand and became recognized as an expert in a new business field:

This is why Manuel Gonzalez gave up a lucrative business and put everything into a new business sector:

  • “By reflecting on my life and life goals, I realized that my flirt school was indeed a lot of fun for me, but wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”
  • “I wanted to put all my resources, time, and energy into something that’s my heart and soul. I wanted to make something big which would be associated with me.”
  • What were the hurdles of repositioning and how did Manuel Gonzalez overcome these hurdles?

  • “There was a lot of well-intended advice to not give up my successful and not to take risks. These voices triggered my fear, but I was absolutely sure that my decision was the right one. There was no way back for me. I believed in myself and just kept going – I owed it to myself and my life’s dream.”
  • “In the first 12 to 18 months, I had to endure a lot of mocking comments: People pigeonholed me in the flirt category; they refused to see me as a marketing expert. Of course, when I go to the butcher and he says to me “from now on there’s only broccoli left,” then I say, “what’s up with you?” – this reaction is normal and to be expected. This insight helped me a lot during the difficult early days: I was prepared that people would not immediately accept and believe the repositioning of my brand. So mocking comments and negative feedback could be seen as the first phase of the repositioning.”
  • This was Manuel Gonzalez' strategy to reposition his personal brand:

    Image change:

  • “Even before I sold my share in the flirt school we took all the videos that showed my face offline. Needless to say, my company suffered a setback as a consequence but that was the price I had to pay for my repositioning. But, all the people involved were well prepared for it. We managed to cushion the setback well together.”
  • “Of course, I also launched new profiles on all significant social media channels and filled them with content that supported the repositioning of my brand.”

  • Reputation and brand building:

  • “I consequently rejected all interviews and invitations as speaker if they were focused on flirt coaching. I consciously positioned myself as a business coach at all external communication events and only talked about relevant topics.”
  • “I made one exception: I, of course, answered questions about my radical image change – and I was thoroughly prepared for these questions in order to explain it plausibly to people. This transparency encountered little resistance and rather more support.”
  • This was Manuel Gonzalez' strategy to reposition his personal brand:

  • Social media
    “I repositioned myself in all my private and professional accounts. My focus was, and still is, on the unbeatable trio of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.”
  • Content marketing
    “I deliberately made a clean break and focused my content strategy on topics relevant to business coaching.”
  • Community management
    “At the beginning of my business coaching activities, I still had a lot of followers from the old target group. Of course, I didn’t completely ignore these followers and leave them out in the rain, rather I prepared them for the upcoming changes. Many of them followed and now have an online business. This is how they live their dream whereby they can confidently approach people privately and professionally and earn their money online. All I had to do was keep the dialogue alive.”
  • Quantum leap 2: Extending people’s lifespan

    Helping people to live a free and independent life is by no means the limit of Manuel Gonzalez’s self-imposed life mission. Encouraged by conversations with his mentors, he realized that he has mainly pursued material goals in recent years and that this path leads him to a dead-end. He then allowed himself to dream really big and found his true purpose in life: to contribute to prolonging the lifespan of people. Sounds unrealistic? Then read on and find out how Manuel Gonzalez intends to fulfil this ambitious task:

    This is how Manuel Gonzalez found his ambitious life mission:

  • Mentoring as a food for thought:
    “I am a thoroughbred coach and, as such, I know how to estimate the effectiveness of coaching. I pay a lot of money so that outstanding people give me a hand.”
  • Deep reflection on one’s own goals in life:
    “One of my mentors gave me the task of deciding what I want to achieve in the next ten years. I gave a relatively banal answer: house, expensive car, fortune. He then asked me to go deep within myself and imagine that I had achieved all of this in ten years’ time and would set goals for the following ten years. My spontaneous reaction was more material goals: a larger house, a holiday home in Spain, a fancier car and a yacht… So we continued the thought experiment and, at some point, I had everything it’s possible to own. The logical question was: what more motivates me in life?”
  • The realization:
    “I noticed that I actually only have one single, but gigantic problem: the people I love go from my life because of illness and age. The next thought step was that I too will have to let everything go because I myself will pass away, regardless of how much I own and how much I have achieved. That was the starting point that led me to my greatest goal in life: I would like to contribute to significantly to prolonging the lifespan of humans.
  • This is how Manuel Gonzalez will contribute towards extending a person’s lifespan:

  • Step 1: Brainstorming
    “This mission sounds very complicated – and it is. Of course, I’m not a scientist or a doctor, but I’m a realist: I will personally never invent a drug or treatment that will prolong people’s lifespan. So, together with my mentor, I explored the question of how I can get closer to this goal.”

  • Step 2: Accumulate capital factors
    “The result of these brainstorming sessions was that my contribution is accumulating capital factors (reach, contacts, knowledge, wealth):
    1. Increase my reach to reach the right people who can help me achieve my goal;
    2. Create networks of outstanding people in which the right people can meet to accomplish this Herculean task together;
    3. Permanently expand my knowledge and research and stay open and curious;
    4. Increase my fortune to invest in research and development.”

  • Step 3: Always keep your eyes open
    “My life mission is always at the back of my mind: I always keep an eye on biotech businesses that do research in my field of interest. There are actually more and more companies doing research in this field. Google alone invested one billion dollars in the biotech company Calico this year.”

  • Step 4: Never give up
    “My goal may sound too ambitious for the year 2018. However, if you’d told someone in the 50s, 60s, or even in the 70s that we would actually be able to get a pizza today with “hey Siri, order me a pizza” and told them of the technologies behind it, they’d also have declared it unrealistic. The future and crazy technologies always seem unrealistic from the perspective of the past. I prefer to believe in progress and technology, and I want to contribute my part.”

  • Step 5: set up start-ups
    “To get closer to my goal, I’m already looking for a competent partner in the field of biotech in order to establish several startups together in the near future. The time has come to invest my entire resources – time, money, contacts, reach – in someone who has the right idea.”
  • Manuel Gonzalez relies on these Digistore24 features:

      “The Orderbump is a strong feature that I particularly like. It allows me to sell more with no extra effort, whilst at the same time making the ordering process easier for my customers. We like to use the Orderbump for video recordings at our events. Because video recordings are a part of our events, it feels completely natural for the customer that they are integrated into the order form for the event tickets. The Orderbump is perfect for this. It’s very, very cool.“
      “The Upsell Tree helps me to carefully study the needs of my clients in order to make them tailor-made offers that they cannot refuse. In the Upsell Tree, I can track exactly which customers go for or reject upsells. I make my follow-up offers based on this information.“
      “The Digistore24 dashboard is my best friend and helper when it comes to getting an overview at the click of a mouse – whether about an exact transaction or the entire business. This saves a lot of time if you need certain data quickly and clearly and it’s simply a lot more fun. I like to go onto Digistore24 to see how many tickets we’ve sold especially in the hot phase shortly before my events – in order to plan and also, because it feels good.”



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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