Maxim Mankevich: Stop thinking small!

Maxim Mankevich claims that he owes his EU-wide success as a coach and speaker on topics such as self-realization and personal success to a professional failure. He had to confront his deepest fears of losing control and financial security in order to take his destiny into his own hands. Beginning with a single participant at his training session, Maxim Mankevich did not become discouraged: he learned from his mistakes and continually improved his programs. Today, he holds lectures for several hundred people and has a reach of 100,000 followers on his social media channels. He also offers several popular online coaching sessions and is already preparing his next coup – his own online academy.

Maxim Mankevich is convinced that lifelong learning is one of the highest values on which success is based. He practices what he preaches: he attends dozens of seminars a year, reads several books a week and considers it of equal importance to learn from both contemporary experts as well as from the great geniuses of the past. In an exclusive interview with Digistore24, he opens his knowledge treasure chest and shares his winning formula:

This is where Maxim Mankevich draws inspiration:

  • Anyone who lives within their means, suffers from lack of imagination” (Oscar Wilde/ 1854 – 1900 / Irish poet, novelist, critic)
  • “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” (Salvador Dali/ 1904 – 1989 / Spanish painter, sculptor, set designer, writer)
  • “I’d rather be conned all my life than never be open.” (Voltaire / 1964 – 1778 / influential French philosopher and writer)
  • “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” (Albert Einstein/ 1879 – 1955 / one of the most important theoretical physicists of all time)
  • “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a lifetime, love your job.” (Chinese proverb)
  • What does tilling a field have to do with company management? Maxim Mankevich’s tip for employee management:

    “Keyword: Ringelmann effect. Maximilien Ringelmann was a French agricultural researcher. When tilling fields, he found out that the more horses pull on a rope, the less each individual horse pulls. This effect can also be transferred to companies: in large teams, the individual does less because each person relies on the teammates.”

    Maxim Mankevich describes success as a construct that rests on four pillars. It is only through these that you can achieve stability:

    “I firmly believe that success can only be sustained on a solid foundation. The chair we sit on has four legs and that’s what success is like. When you remove one leg, it becomes difficult to maintain your balance. When two legs break, you will fall over.”

    1. Health/ Fitness/ Physical Well-Being
      “This includes nutrition, sport and healthy habits. The greatest success is worth nothing if you lack the health to enjoy it.”
    2. Occupation/ Professional Self-Realization/ Earned Prosperity
      “The first challenge is to discover what you love (according to studies, 84% are frustrated with their job). The second challenge is to find out how to make a decent living with it.”
    3. Family/ Relationships/ Love
      “This pillar also includes growing together, challenging one another and supporting each other. As social human beings, we only find deeper meaning in our success if we can share it with our loved ones.”
    4. Self-Development/ Spirituality
      “There is no gridlock in nature – all things are either developing and growing or stagnating and dying. Gridlock ultimately leads to stagnation and degeneration.”

    Maxim Mankevich describes success as a construct that rests on four pillars. It is only through these that you can achieve stability:

    DON’Ts of the coaching industry:

  • “Wanting to achieve everything quickly and without effort is neither realistic nor sustainable.”
  • “Warm-ups, disco music and lots of frills – I refrain from all this because my participants’ time is far too precious to me. My time is also too precious for such things – I want to deliver dense content and therefore I spend every minute doing just that.”
  • DOs of the coaching industry:

  • “Have the courage to fail: fail early on and learn quickly from your mistakes.”
  • The three most important points for a successful trainer:

    1. Have content. There are some coaches who have an excellent command of rhetoric, which means the lack of content is not immediately obvious. However, it doesn’t lead to long-term success.”
    2. Be real. Be yourself. People come to you if they sense you are authentic.People are enthusiastic when content reaches both the head and the heart.”
    3. Give yourself reach. It’s no good being the best if nobody knows about you.Various social media channels as well as the Digistore24 marketplace are excellent tools for building reach – on the marketplace you will find affiliates with reach who will promote your products.”

    Advantage of online coaching over traditional coaching:

    “Online coaching enables me to live out my values of freedom and simultaneously provide knowledge to people at lower prices.”

    Maxim Mankevich did not enjoy a perfect start in life and thus regarded his MA degree in Business Studies and his secure job (though he was frustrated) as a success. This was all until he actively took his life into his own hands, stopped his small thinking and began striving for more. That is his advice to all those who find themselves in a difficult situation:

      “Accounting is something I definitely don’t love. And this is one of the fastest and most convenient features on Digistore24. All you have to do is send a PDF page to the tax consultant once a month. That is liberating.”
      “I am in favor of handing over all specialized jobs to experts. I also leave lead generation to experts i.e. my advertising partners. The Digistore24 marketplace is the ideal place to find high-quality advertising partners.“
      “For me, automation is a magical technology that I like very much. It’s fun to go to bed at night, wake up in the morning and then realize that I’ve earned a lot of money while sleeping. And I can only sleep so peacefully because Digistore24 is a completely reliable partner that takes care of the processes behind the scenes and, at the same time, brings my knowledge to the world. I really appreciate this security.“



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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