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How to create scarcity and encourage your customers to buy

The Digistore24 Countdown Timer enables you to make your product offer available for a limited time in an impressive way. The customer can see the Countdown on your sales page or order form, and when it ends, it means your special product offer is over. By having this, your customer feels that time is scarce, which in turn encourages them to make a quick purchase.

You can put the Countdown Timer on your sales page or on your order form. Various design options are available to you – the size, colour and position of the Countdown Timer can all be configured freely.

This is what your Countdown Timer may look like on your Digistore24 order form:

You can choose from different configuration options so that you can configure the Countdown Timer according to your needs. Determine when the time ends and what happens afterwards. For example, you could redirect your customers to a new sales page or let a pop-up appear giving your customers a new offer. Alternatively, you can also set it so that the Countdown is no longer shown after it has ended.

Use the Countdown Timer to prevent your customers from hesitating too long! You as the vendor and your customers both benefit from a quick sales process. This impressive way of creating scarcity is a great method for significantly increasing your number of customers.

You can also combine the Countdown Timer with other promotional Digistore24 features, for example with the Social Proof Bubble. In this way, Digistore24 provides you with numerous ways to boost your sales.

Learn how fast and uncomplicated it is to set up your own Digistore24 Countdown Timer in our detailed documentation.



Lars Rieger



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