New: The Order Bump

How you can encourage your customers to purchase more and boost your sales!

Successful online marketers know: the smoother the sales process the higher the profit. With this end in view we developed our Order Bump feature at Digistore24. The concept behind it is the following: The same way supermarket customers are encouraged to add something small to their shopping at the checkout, your customers will also bump into a small add-on product on completion of the sale and add it to their order. Fast, simple and intuitive.

In contrast to upsells you don’t have to open a new page for this process. The Order Bump Feature will place the additional product directly on the responsive order form. This way your customers can purchase both products at once and the purchasing process will not be interrupted! This allows your customers to buy both products at once without interrupting the purchase process!

Order-bump products work best as smaller and cheaper add-ons to the initial product. Let’s say you are selling the e-book Easy Jogging for €10 as the initial product, for instance. Then you add a training schedule for 5€ as an add-on. With this combination, not only do you make your customers a valuable offer, you also increase the order value: €10 for the initial product plus €5 for the order-bump equal 150% of the original sales value!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Sales increase: Additional product offers on the order form encourage your customers to make an additional purchase. This boosts your sales!
  • Customer loyalty: A wide range of suitable products makes you more attractive as a vendor. This strengthens your customers loyalty!
  • Shopping experience: Further product recommendations on the order form make purchasing much easier for your customers. This creates a smooth and seamless shopping experience!

Last but not least, the Order Bump feature is compatible with all other Digistore24 features, including upsells.

At Digistore24 we want you to achieve the highest possible sales. With the Order Bump feature you can accomplish this goal! Don’t leave money on the table and find out what the Order Bump can do for your business today!

Find out more about the fast and simple integration of the Order Bump Feature into your website in our detailed Digistore24-Knowledgebase!



Lars Rieger



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