New: The Shopping Cart

Simplify the purchase of multiple products for your customers!

It is one thing to decide to buy a product online and another to actually complete the sale. The customers have to type in their personal information, select the payment method and possibly the way of transportation, check various boxes and so on. Nobody wants to do that more than once.

If you want to sell more than one product to your customers, you should make it as easy as possible. The solution: our Shopping Cart feature!

The advantages are obvious:

  • Your customers can select multiple products at once and pay through a single order process on the Digistore24 order form. This way your customers save time, are happier and buy more.
  • As a vendor you benefit from higher sales figures. Thanks to the Shopping Cart feature vendors at Digistore24 have already achieved an increase in sales of 70 per cent and more!
  • The Shopping Cart is perfect for complementary products. Let’s say you are selling two e-books about cooking, Easy Cooking Volume I and Easy Cooking Volume II. Interested customers can add both products to their shopping cart and pay in one go. Good-bye to cancellations due to repetitive buying processes!
  • You can also display matching upsell products next to the initial products in your customers’ shopping cart. This way you can recommend a matching cooking DVD in addition to the cookbook, for instance. Since the DVD is significantly cheaper than the current value of goods your customers are inclined to add it to their purchase.

When your customers click on the shopping cart button in the end, it won’t only show their selected products – with a single click they can proceed to “checkout” on the Digistore24 order form.

As you can see the Shopping Cart offers a number of benefits. If you want your customers to buy multiple products at once you shouldn’t . Choose the Shopping Cart feature to give your customers a pleasant shopping experience!

Find out more about the fast and simple integration of the Shopping Cart into your website in our detailed Digistore24-Knowledgebase.



Lars Rieger



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