The market for online courses will grow sixfold by 2022: This is how to find your niche

Learning is just for kids and long-term students, right? Wrong…! More and more smart and success-oriented people are no longer satisfied with traditional education and opt for lifelong learning instead. Their interest in learning is not only focused on ongoing professional development, but also on personal development – the range of demand for knowledge and information is therefore broader than ever before! The online course market is booming, which is leading to the development of an increasing number of untraditional niches. 

We bet you will have found YOUR niche by the end of this blog article.    

The e-learning market dominates the lion’s share of the education market. The online course industry is big, profitable, and growing rapidly! This is due to the ever-increasing demand for information and knowledge in a learning format that can be comfortably and flexibly integrated into your own very busy daily routine.

Do you still have doubts about the profitability of the e-learning market?

Well, while you are still doubting…

  • LinkedIn acquired the e-learning giant for $1.5 billion dollars in 2015, which resulted in LinkedIn Learning. That’s no small amount of money, even for a company like LinkedIn: this investment in e-learning exceeded all previous acquisitions by 300% combined.
  • …Online courses made $46 million dollars in 2018 and, according to a Forbes survey, over 90% of online course participants acknowledged a positive change in their life.
  • …the e-learning market will grow to $275,10 billion dollars by 2022, according to an industry report from 2017… So, the e-learning market will grow sixfold in the next few years!

…No wonder:

The roots of this rapid expansion can be found in the advantages that e-learning offers:

Higher flexibility in the learning process

Lower costs compared to traditional learning methods

Easy access

A large selection of niche topics

Higher efficiency thanks to multimedia learning

This market development offers smart entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their knowledge and earn good money from it

An “edupreneur”, the new term for an educational entrepreneur, is someone who offers educational products. The role of today’s edupreneurs is to educate society and help people to develop certain new skills or acquire certain knowledge. By doing this, edupreneurs have the potential to positively influence people’s lives while supporting them to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.

These are the reasons why the online course market is growing rapidly: Here’s your chance!

One of the main reasons for the success of online courses is the fact that areas of work are constantly changing.

In today’s digital world, groundbreaking factors can come into play in the blink of an eye and shatter the entire business landscape. For instance, graphic design was once a high tech profession. If a company wanted an original graphic, it generally had to hire an expert. However, this is no longer the norm. People with only basic computer skills can use a tool such as Canva to do the work for free and in a very short amount of time with professional templates.

Nevertheless, not every tool and not every innovation in an area drops down from heaven. Sometimes insiders and experts keep their valuable knowledge secret. In online courses, you have the opportunity to acquire specific knowledge about specific fields, e.g. professional hacks about how to use video cameras or the fine details of Google Adwords.

Another reason for the demand for online courses is people's desire to change their lives for the better.

Many dramatic and important aspects of private life are excluded in the traditional education system.

You don’t learn how to manage your finances at school.

You don’t learn how to build your career or how to deal with office politics at university.

You also don’t learn how to find your life partner and how to overcome relationship crises and conflicts.

Every person has to work through these things themselves – and it’s not always a walk in the park. In online courses, you can now learn how to invest your fortune, how to get your dream job, and how to catch your dream partner.

People search for information on the internet daily and are also increasingly prepared to pay for it.

So, this is your chance to claim a part of this rapidly growing future market by finding your niche and sharing your insider knowledge. You can achieve this by constantly learning, staying open to new things, and always continuing your education in the areas of your expertise or  passion.

This is how to seize this opportunity and find your niche:

We have systematized different areas of knowledge for you and use relevant examples to show you how someone who has never thought of themselves as an insider can build a course out of their unique knowledge or experience that can change other people’s lives.

If you are a subject matter expert:

You surely have valuable insider knowledge in your subject area that only your own customers benefit from at the moment. But imagine if you expanded your reach infinitely? Sounds like magic? It is, in fact, the power of scaling.

  • Are you a God-given endocrinologist?
    You know everything there is to know about hormone balance interactions? Your specialty is the influence of hormone disorders on obesity? You know exactly which tests are necessary and which values should be tested to determine the cause of weight gain? You could also use test results to determine exactly which diet will help the affected person? Many people need to know exactly this!
  • Are you a killer lawyer?
    You have mastered the Commercial Code as easily as your ABC? Do you know exactly how small business owners can save taxes, conduct business in accordance with the law and protect themselves against lawsuits? It goes without saying that many young entrepreneurs cannot afford consulting hours in a fancy office, but they most likely can afford your online course. You have to admit – there is an unlimited revenue potential for you here!

Do you have a hobby that is close to your heart?

If you like doing something and you find it easy, your skills come naturally to you. However, there are people who want to learn exactly these skills but find them difficult. Share your knowledge with these people and both sides will reap the benefits!

  • Are you well acquainted with modern technology and constantly besieged with questions?  
    Believe us, it is not only your aunt, neighbor and your colleagues from the office next door that often struggle to use technology. Why not collect the most frequently asked questions and use them to create step-by-step tutorials? You can super easily pack these into an online course.
  • Do you make your granny jealous with your knitting skills?
    Then show exactly how you make your stylish cardigans and which tricks you use in an online course.

If you've had unique experiences in life and have grown from them:

Share them with other people that find themselves in a similar situation and who can’t see a way out. They can benefit from exactly your experience!

  • Were you on the verge of madness with your sleepless baby until you tackled the matter scientifically and you both mastered quiet nights?
    You studied dozens of factual books and studies on the topic of babies’ sleep until you got the hang of it? You developed a specific routine and daily schedule that ensured your child sleeps through the night? You know all about the cause-and-effect chains that increase the chances of waking up during the night? This knowledge could be worth gold to other new parents!
  • Did you seize the adventure of moving abroad?
    Have you moved abroad and meticulously worked out how to conquer the bureaucracy mountain? Do you know which administrative procedures are a must and which eventualities have to be considered in your adopted country? Create a to-do list and insider-hacks from this experience that you would have liked to send to yourself at the beginning of the journey to save uncertainty, endless research, and money. Other expats can benefit from your experience and will for sure pay money for a tutorial.


  • …we bet you had a flash of inspiration while reading why YOUR very special knowledge is valuable!
  • …can you hardly wait to get started and package your knowledge in an online course?
  •  …stop, wait, don’t run away yet!

If you speak German, we have something for you that will make the exciting work on your online course easier for you: Our free e-book that effectively navigates you to your own online course!

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Polina Katrikh

Senior Editor


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