The Multi-Step Order Box – Your new conversion superstar

Let us introduce you to your new favorite feature and conversion superstar – the new Multi-Step Order Box! Your personal marketing tool chart is about to be taken by storm with top hits such as sales psychology, direct integration into your sales page and simply more conversion.

The Multi-Step Order Box is a tiered order form that breaks your long conventional order process into short and sweet steps. At the start, your customer just needs to provide their basic information and are only then directed to the next steps. Additional fields with more ‘sensitive’ questions like contact details and payment information only appear at the very end. This significantly minimizes the dropout rate as your customer has already entered all the information and therefore won’t find it so difficult to make a decision to buy.

 …Stop! How can adding more steps to a form increase the conversion rate? Adding more steps actually sounds like more dropouts… doesn’t it? 

  • … The first impression is less overwhelming as you only see the first step
  • … Micro-decisions reduce the inhibition threshold, especially to also continue to the next steps
  • … The progress bar encourages users to finish the form
  • …Breaking down the long one-step order form into short blocks reduces the psychological barrier to fill out the form and click ‘buy’

Multiply your conversions with the smart advantages of the new Multi-Step Order Box

Direct integration into your sales page:

Your customers no longer have to leave your site to be able to buy over Digistore24. This reduces the risk of purchase dropouts, increases trust and, therefore, the purchase probability.

Compatibility with all Digistore24 tools:

Comfortably use all of your favorite tools, features, and marketing aids like e.g.:

  • Upsells;
  • Order Bump;
  • Social Proof Bubble;
  • And more.
  • Individual customization to match your branding:

    Customize your order form to match your corporate design – this way your branding remains consistent until the purchase process is completed, building trust in your products.

  • You can choose from multiple designs, change the amount and order of steps, decide on the tab design, customize the button text and upload images.
  • Do you want to implement your own ideas? No problem – we made sure it’s technologically possible: You can opt to customize your order form with tailor-made CSS code and modify it perfectly to fit your branding.
  • User-friendly interface with quick decisions:

  • The Multi-Step Order Box is divided into short steps: Your customers can make micro-decisions and are thus navigated step-by-step to the final purchase. This makes it easier for them to simply click ‘order’ at the final step.
  • The latest market research confirms that multi-step order forms significantly lower dropout rates compared to traditional order forms and, in turn, achieve multiple conversions.
  • This is how you gain more customers with the new Multi-Step Order Box

    Learn how other vendors are multiplying their sales figures with our new Multi-Step Order Box:


    Marcel sells apps & software

    Marcel is a brilliant web developer at a tech company. He is an ‘IT native’ and also develops cool apps in his free time. Marcel is a technology genius: he doesn’t want to hear about accountancy, sales, and marketing – and he doesn’t have to. Digistore24 takes care of all of his back office processes for him. Digistore24 affiliates manage the marketing of his web apps and software. Through Digistore24, he has now automized the sales of his licenses. Marcel is a numbers man: When he read that multi-step order forms have much higher conversion rates than traditional order forms, he followed the easy step-by-step instructions to set up a Multi-Step Order Box.

    This is how Marcel’s apps & software sales funnel works:

    • Marcel’s advertising partners market his apps on their channels such as tech blogs and online magazines.
    • Potential customers see advertisements for Marcel’s apps and click on the banner which directs them to his sales page which has the Multi-Step Order Box.
    • Here, they are navigated from question to question. The call-to-action buttons on the form encourage them to continue. In the last step, they finally click on ‘buy now’. For the clients, this last step is much easier to make as the process is more straightforward compared to traditional ordering processes.
    •  Marcel sees a difference having a Multi-Step Order Box as his sales figures have rocketed since switching forms.
    • Marcel’s apps are spreading like wild fire. His newest app was nominated as ‘App of the Year’ at the last AI Convention.

    Julia sells coaching, audio books & E-books

    Julia is a couples therapist and an expert in relationship happiness. In addition to running her therapy practice for couples, she also has a successful online business with live coachings about relationship problems. She actively markets her products and services and runs ads on Facebook and in online magazines focusing on relationships and relationship problems.

    This is how Julia’s live coachings sales funnel works:

    • Julia’s ads target people in a relationship crises, attracting them with a book about overcoming relationship crises.
    • Julia offers the book for free, she only charges the cost of postage.
    • After clicking on the ads, those interested land on Julia’s sales page and immediately see her customized order form.
    • Julia made the smart decision to implement a Multi-Step Order Box. Her potential customers are therefore navigated to the ‘order’ button through a series of simple decision-making processes.
    • Because Julia is a savvy Digistore24 user, she also uses additional marketing features such as Upsells and Social Proof Bubble. Upsells enables her to already offer the audio version of the book during the order process. The Social Proof Bubble shows the name and location of other users who have already ordered the audiobook, therefore increasing trust in the product. Since Julia’s order form is integrated into her sales page in the same design as Julia’s practice, customers don’t have the feeling that they are buying from a reseller. Julia remains the face of her product throughout the entire ordering process from start to finish.
    • Julia sends automatic follow-up e-mails to clients who have already ordered her e-book or her audio book. Julia has already established her image as a competent relationship expert with these customers and now offers her main product – her live coachings.
    • The smart use of the Multi-Step Order Box in the sales funnels catapults Julia’s sales upwards.
    • Julia is happy in the knowledge that she has helped even more couples to get back their happy relationships.

    Discover how you can unleash the full power of your sales potential with our conversion superstar. Follow our step-by-step instructions to set up your personalized Multi-Step Order Box and integrate it right onto your sales page.



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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