The new Digistore24 documentation is here

The time has come: Our new documentation is ready. Find what you are looking for even faster, familiarize yourself with the latest features and get the most out of Digistore24.

The Digistore24 team has been working towards an ambitious goal in recent weeks: revising the Digistore24 documentation. Why? Because you as a user deserve a comprehensible, clear and useful help section so that you and your business can become even more successful.

Nicer, clearer, better
In the new Digistore24 documentation, all the functions and settings are explained in detail which enables you to fully benefit from Digistore24. Look forward to a completely redesigned structure and a clear design which provide optimal overview and findability.

Packed with the latest features!
We’ve also added lots of new features and functions to help you easily understand and use complicated features in your business.

Among other things, you will find helpful instructions with step-by-step screenshots which will help you stay on top of things, even with long explanations. In case you need to look up something in the text, you will get all the important technical terms explained in the text as footnotes. That way, you don’t have to waste time googling terms or reading multiple articles at the same time – instead, you can remain focused on solving your problem.

Your success is our success
This is the reason we are constantly working on the content of our documentation – so that you get the knowledge that takes you to the next level. What are you waiting for? Get to know the new documentation now by clicking on the button:



Lars Rieger



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