Thorsten Wittmann: A life of travel thanks to a remote business

Finances, investments and tax rates – important, but boring. Only ruthless people are making big money. Thorsten Wittmann transforms these and other negative beliefs into a positive attitude towards finance and offers an exciting and fun perspective on financial strategies in his online courses. His own example continues to inspire his 50,000-strong community as he shows them how to live out financial independence. In an interview with Digistore24, Thorsten Wittmann shares his unique insight into financial freedom and reveals the reasons behind the success of his online empire.

Thorsten Wittmann spends 10 months a year travelling. He’s visited 53 countries and has lived in 5 of them – his automated business makes it possible. Read about his inspiring financial philosophy and the success concepts behind it:

Basic principles of financial independence

  1. Earn money: automated business “Although you don’t learn how to make money at school, it is possible to teach yourself. In my online courses, I focus on what my expertise is: sales and marketing on the internet, smart sales funnels and automated business.”
  2. Save the money you have earned: financial investments, tax optimization, living abroad comfortably and cheaply“It’s not enough to make a lot of money. If you don’t manage it smartly, it quickly goes down the drain. If you just randomly buy stuff, you are investing in something that doesn’t make you happy.

“I see myself as an empirical scientist in both areas: as a financial expert, I have studied various areas for 15 years and even tested them on myself. I have condensed this concentrated practical knowledge in my online courses.”

The snares when it comes to finance

“Most people want to own many material goods, yet they have little control over their finances. The very opposite should be the case: control your finances precisely and only buy things that you really need or that really make you happy. I myself travel 10 months a year and have been living with just hand luggage for years. Materially speaking, I am happier than ever before, because having few possessions makes me free and my life uncomplicated. I can afford everything I need, but these are not material things. I have escaped the consumer hamster wheel.”

Basic principles of financial independence

  1. “When I first went on a long trip to South America, I realized that my business was actually automated by Digistore24 and would continue to run reliably while I enjoyed living my life.“
  2. “As we began to experience rapid growth, we realized that more customers mean more income, but not more effort. Even with the 50,000 customers we have, the expense is still the same as when we started with only 50 customers.”

The key requirement for a successful online course

When it comes to building an online course, simply having financial drive is not enough. This uninspired approach will never lead to great success. To engage people, you have to be driven by your area of expertise, you have to exemplify your own concept and you have to pursue a mission.
My mission is to provide financial education for everyone and the anchoring of a positive attitude towards money and finance.”

Thorsten Wittmann’s favorite features on Digistore24:

  • Flexible payment functions
    “As a financial expert, I am very impressed that Digistore24 offers the latest and most flexible payment options.”
  • Customized online order forms
    “On Digistore24, the point of sale is perfect. I get marketing tools at every step of the entire order process. Among other things, I can adapt the order forms to my corporate design so that the customer doesn’t even notice that Digistore24 is acting as a reseller. This enables me to remain the face of my products right until the end.”
  • Social Proof Bubble
    “In the course of the order process, pop-ups appear with the names and locations of other users that have already made a purchase. It greatly boosts customer confidence and removes the psychological barrier to buying.”
  • Access to clear reports
    “Our sales and accounting processes are completely outsourced to Digistore24 and run in an automated way. The only thing I have to do, is to keep track of the figures and analyze the reports. Digistore24 gives me what I value most in life – freedom.”



Polina Katrikh

Senior Editor


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