Torben Platzer: Instagram rocks brand development

Torben Platzer built his personal brand completely on social media. Although he has become known on Facebook and Youtube, his focus now lies on Instagram. Torben Platzer is convinced that Instagram has become number one in the media landscape. In an interview with Digistore24, he explains how he exploits the possibility of an Instagram business profile for his branding agency TP Attitude. He also reveals insider tips on how you can use Instagram to build a strong brand.

These are the reasons why Instagram is unbeatable to build a strong brand:

1. Change in the media landscape

“Instagram has only recently become number one in the media landscape. Before, it was definitely Facebook. At that time, I also built up my brand on Facebook. However, nowadays it is no longer possible to build a business on Facebook without a budget. Facebook limits your reach, forcing you to boost your posts or run adverts in order to generate reach. Even if Instagram also has algorithms that restrict reach, consumers still perceive this channel to be the most authentic medium.”

2. These are the reasons why Instagram is so powerful

  1. “Instagram is so interesting for people because it allows them to participate in other people’s lives for a brief moment. It’s fascinating to watch how other people live, how they handle challenges and problems, how they develop, and how they build up their life or their brand.”
  2. “Instagram is an image medium and it conveys a certain feeling. Your followers want to experience and consume these feelings on your profile. This makes Instagram a very emotional medium. Emotions are a strong trigger with which you can bond people to your brand.”
  3. “As users perceive Instagram to be authentic, they comment much more actively on posts compared to on other mediums. Followers ask questions, developing a lively dialogue. When people realize that their questions are actually answered, they are pleased and motivated to continue engaging with you and your brand. For example, I could shoot a short video here and now and show a partial clip from the interview with Digistore24 on my story. From experience, people react straight away and ask when it comes out. It is exactly this kind of direct contact with users that is unique.”

3. The importance of Instagram Stories

“It is precisely through Instagram Stories that people get an intimate look behind the scenes of a brand. People are curious about what kind of person is behind the brand. By watching stories, they have the feeling that they know you personally. Following the day-to-day lives of others is also irresistibly attractive to people. We know this principle from daily soaps: You tune in every day and want to know how it continues. It’s exactly the same with personal branding. People want a glimpse into private life: What does he do in private? What does he eat? Does he do sport? Where does he go? You are a public figure for your own brand. If you make yourself accessible, it makes you an extremely interesting person, which in turn shapes and forms your personal brand.”

This is the basis of a professional Instagram profile:

  1. Added value
    “When you start using Instagram professionally, one aspect is especially important: You have to offer added value. Nobody follows you for no reason. Followers only keep coming back to your profile if you offer them something that is of real value to them.”
  2. Common thread
    “Your profile should follow one common thread, meaning you should focus on one topic and show all the relevant aspects of it. For example, if your topic is vegan food, your followers want to find delicious recipes, energetic cooking videos, or exciting testimonials. If you suddenly show sports cars, your followers will be confused and move on to other bloggers.”
  3. Define a target group
    “I know girls who constantly get filthy comments and requests on Instagram. When I look at their profile, I know the reason straight away: They post beach pictures and present themselves very revealingly. This content attracts a certain target group. What can you learn from this? You need to think exactly which users you want to have on your site: What are their interests and what are their needs? You should create and present your content based on these avatars.”

The right rhythm to post:

“There is no magic formula for how often you should post. However, what does count is good content, that brings value to your target audience whilst also appearing regularly and consistently. It’s important not to break this steady rhythm for a number of reasons:

  1. The Instagram algorithm negatively rates the absence of content and reduces the reach. As a result, you get fewer comments and likes. This works like a chain reaction as the Instagram algorithm will classify your content as irrelevant and the reach will shrink even more. As a result, a dangerous downward spiral develops.
  2. Your followers have got used to your rhythm and built up expectations. If they expect content and don’t find it, they will be disappointed and turn to your competitors.
  3. If you regularly post and your followers get added value, they will reward you with likes, pose questions and enter into dialogue with you. The Instagram algorithm rewards this engagement and rates your profile as relevant. Consequently, you are awarded reach and your content is shown at the top of your follower’s feeds.”

No-go on Instagram:

Buying followers:

“Bought followers (bots or fake profiles) will cost you your reach: Instagram calculates the engagement under a post in proportion to the total number of followers. If there is a large number of followers and little engagement, the Instagram algorithm concludes that your content is not relevant and takes away your reach. This drastically lowers your chances to be seen by real followers. Also, it looks untrustworthy if you have 100.000 supposed followers but no comments or discussions under your posts. By doing this, everyone can see what’s going on with you at first glance and your image will suffer.”

Way to go on Instagram:

  • Interaction
    “You put content online and want it to be seen and noticed by people. You want people to follow you and you want to be interesting. However, if you don’t reply to your follower’s comments, you are showing yourself to be disinterested and you will put people off. That will have a very negative effect on their engagement with your content. When you begin a direct interaction, you keep the discussions alive and boost interest in your brand.”
  • Feedback
    “You can get valuable insight into your target group from the comments on your posts. Analyzeyour follower’s comments and you will learn answers to the most important questions: What makes my followers tick? What are my follower’s opinions? In which direction should I develop my content and product? Followers tell you directly what they want and what you can improve – you only have to take this input on board and implement it. That’s your ultimate growth opportunity.”
  • Proactive approach
    “Don’t wait for the right people to end up on your profile by accident. Instead, give your success a leg up: Get actively involved in discussions on other platforms that overlap thematically with your area. Write knowledgeable and witty articles. Show what you’ve got! That will attract attention from people and they will be curious about your profile and who you actually are.”
  • This is how Torben Platzer sells his products on Instagram:

    “Instagram Stories are my ultimate tip. Stories get you more and more power and are now setup perfectly as a sales platform.”

  • Film short videos and post them as Instagram Stories:
    “The video doesn’t necessarily have to be a direct advert for your product. Sometimes it’s much more clever if it’s only indirectly connected to your product and it wakes up the viewer’s natural curiosity.”
  • Add a link to the sales page with a swipe-up link on Instagram Story.
    “You can add text over the video with information about the swipe-up link.”
  • Torben Platzer’s personal hack:
    “I had my own GIFs made to attract more attention in the most entertaining and funny way possible: My viewers see a GIF of a small Torben Platzer pointing to the swipe-up link.”
  • Sales page:
    “Interested people arrive at my sales page via the swipe-up link, the orders are processed via Digistore24.”
  • These Digistore24 features help Torben Platzer to build his brand:

      “As a content producer, the most important thing is the content itself. So I want to produce and concentrate on first-class content. What I don’t want, is to write invoices, and send every individual customer their login details for the online courses. Digistore24 automates and manages these routine tasks for me. I only upload my courses, set everything up once, and then the sales run automatically. All I do is look at my Digistore24 app to see how much I’ve sold.”
      “I know from my own beginning phase that, as a young person, you want to invest in yourself but can’t always afford expensive online courses. That’s why I offer payment installations for all of my products as a matter of principle. On Digistore24this has been implemented very elegantly. As a seller, I don’t have any additional work: All the payment installmentsare automatically calculated and transferred. Because of this, I don’t have any disadvantages as a seller and my customers can afford my products.”
      “This feature makes it really easy for me to work in partnership with other brands. I only found out about it by chance. In the past, I already brought out several products in collaboration with various cooperation partners. We found it unbelievably difficult every time to correctly tax our revenue and manage our payments. We tried out lots of cumbersome solutions and even opened a shared bank account which we used to pay all our partners. I kept doing this until I started working together with a new partner who laughed at my home-made solutions and introduced me to the Digistore24 Joint Ventures feature. It manages all joint sales, calculates taxes, and sorts automatic payouts of negotiated profit shares to the accounts of all our joint venture partners. We only have to type in our account details and set the shares. Wow, one annoying problem less!”
      “As a content producer and vendor of information products, I need clever membership areas. This not only spares me having to manage login details, but it also saves me at least one employee, because DigiMember Support looks after any queries.”



    Polina Katrikh

    Senior Editor


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