Use vouchers the right way

Every one of us has received or sent a voucher at some point. For you as a vendor, vouchers at Christmas time are a lucrative and effective marketing measure. In this article you will learn what this is related to and how you can now use vouchers effectively on Digistore24.

It is very difficult for people to resist discounts and vouchers because they directly activate the reward system in the brain. Take advantage of this and use our new voucher feature (beta version) to:

  • win new customers
  • turn existing buyers into regular customers
  • provide for larger shopping carts

Win new customers
Suppose you sell the voucher to your existing customers as part of a big Christmas promotion – e.g. as an upsell to your current products. Then you will notice that part of your customer base will give your vouchers to their friends and acquaintances. This way, you will generate more new customers in the new year.

Turn existing buyers into regular customers
The rest of your customer base will usually keep the voucher and have it credited to the next purchase. This means you can secure loyal customers and sustainable sales.

Pro tip: Specify that the voucher can only be redeemed for certain products. For example, you can now prepare to launch your new product or set targeted incentives for buying your premium product. In short, you control the buying interest of your customers

Provide for larger shopping carts
Link the sale of your products to the purchase of a voucher in a dynamic way. Suppose you sell a cheap entry-level product, a mid-priced standard product and a high-priced premium product – all with a matching voucher as an upsell. If you now communicate to your customers that the voucher value increases when they buy the more expensive product, you can skillfully give them an incentive to purchase a more expensive product.

Pro tip: Vouchers are particularly effective when the recipient knows what the benefits are in concrete terms. For this reason, it is worth showing right from the initial order how much the buyer will save with the voucher on the next purchase. In any case, you should make sure that the product corresponds to the previous purchase.

Take full advantage of the opportunities available to you and let your customers buy vouchers for your products.

Read in our Docu how you can create and use vouchers.



Lars Rieger



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