Webinaris: Scaling through Automation

Webinars is one of the most effective tools for winning new customers and increasing sales online. Since 2013, Webinaris has been one of the best tools for thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs. It sets standards to ensure the full automation of all processes necessary for successful customer acquisition, their pre-qualification and the subsequent sale.

As the company continued to grow, CEO Rainer von Massenbach began looking for a solution that would help him automate bookkeeping and payment processes. The decisive factors for choosing Digistore24 were the IPN possibilities, the easy management of software subscriptions and the fact that Digistore24 works browser-based.

With a team of 20 employees and over 2,000 customers, Webinaris has secured a strong market position since then. This was achieved primarily through an extremely lean bookkeeping process.

With Digistore24, Webinaris has been able to fully automate large parts of the bookkeeping and reduce the respective costs by a whopping 32% – all this in spite of a steadily growing customer base.

Webinaris favourite features

  • Upsells – Offer the customer the opportunity to buy suitable additional products which thereby increase customer value. This way, you have a larger budget which can be reinvested e.g. for advertising.
  • IPN integrations – Digistore24 has very good and far-reaching IPNs i.e. payment status updates that can be transferred in real time to many software systems (e.g. email marketing, membership systems, and much more).
  • Complete affiliate system – Allows complete affiliate management right from approval through to tracking and billing. This provides an all-in-one solution from which the bookkeeping benefits enormously.
  • Up- & downgrades – Allow a fully automated subscription management i.e. customers can switch between different subscription rates at any time. You are always charged and billed correctly during this process.



Claudio Marinow

Marketing Manager


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