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A Guide on Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

July 13, 2022

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A Guide on Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Facebook affiliate marketing through paid ads has been extremely popular for many years now. And despite all the recent challenges that have come up, it can still prove profitable for affiliate marketers. Let us show you how.

A Guide on Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers who use Facebook ads as their primary marketing channel have it a bit rough. And the introduction of new iOS updates always makes things even more difficult.


Updates come with an increased control over how websites and apps track the end user’s activities.

As iPhone and iPad users began adopting iOS 14.5 and above, only 4% of U.S. users chose to allow app tracking. This means virtually all iOS users do not let Facebook and other apps track their activities. 

In summary, accurately tracking ads was no longer as seamless as it was before. Along with this, affiliates also faced pressing challenges such as increased competition and higher CPM & CPA costs. 

All these issues beg to ask the question:

Should You Still Consider Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Facebook affiliate marketing through paid ads is still highly profitable and can reap great rewards.

Did you know that nearly 26% of Facebook users made purchases after clicking a Facebook ad

So, despite all the above challenges, Facebook Ads can still prove profitable for affiliate marketing - of course, if done correctly!

Another reason why Facebook ads are still worth investing your time and money is due to the introduction of Facebook CAPI.

What is Facebook Conversion API?

The Conversion API (CAPI) lets you share the users’ actions directly from your servers to Facebook. In other words, conversion tracking moved from the client-side to the server-side. Let us elaborate this a little further… 

CAPI sends all the data you capture from your tools to the Facebook Ads Manager. Earlier, when Facebook Pixel was used, Facebook used to collect the event and conversion data. Now, with CAPI, you collect your own data and share that data with Facebook.

This is a more accurate way to track actions and attribute them to your affiliate campaigns. CAPI can track conversions even in situations where Facebook Pixel is blocked by privacy controls.

How is Facebook CAPI Going to Alter the Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem?

With CAPI in place, you can measure customer actions in multiple ways. It will not only give you further visibility into the user’s journey, but it also lets you share this data with Facebook more reliably, unlike the earlier browser-based ways. 

The accuracy of the information is also going to be high, which will help you in better targeting and optimizing your ads. 

But now, you might be wondering: “With such drastic changes to Facebook ads, what do I do to taste success as an affiliate marketer?”

Here’s the answer:

  • Firstly, embrace CAPI, but at the same time, do not totally ignore Pixel. Use them in tandem. While privacy updates may make the pixel less reliable, it is still a potent tool for affiliate marketers when customers do not have cookies blocked on their browsers. 
  • Secondly, take the time to understand Facebook’s compliance policies, and make sure you fully abide by them.
  • And finally, we recommend incorporating video as much as possible in your Facebook affiliate marketing ads.

Wrapping Up

With more than 2 million monthly active users and a powerful ad platform, you can love Facebook ads or hate them, but you certainly cannot ignore them as an affiliate marketer. Despite this recent iOS update, Facebook will always remain to be an effective channel for affiliate marketers as long as you know its pros and cons and understand the intricacies involved in its management.

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Robert Demeter, Content Writer, Digistore24


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