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Kyle Dana, Director of Marketing, Digistore24


Kyle Dana

Director of Marketing

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The Best Types of Affiliate Offers to Promote with Facebook Ads

Jan 19, 2023

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The Best Types of Affiliate Offers to Promote with Facebook Ads

Choosing an offer to promote on Facebook using ads can be tricky. Successful ads can be incredibly lucrative for your affiliate business but failed ads can cost you precious money and time.

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing an affiliate offer to promote on Facebook.

1. High Earnings Per Sale

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing an offer to promote on Facebook is the offer's “Earnings Per Sale” metric. This metric tells you how much money you can earn every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the offer.

In order to run Facebook ads, you need to pay to have them placed on the social media platform, which is money that you’ll have to spend up front (aka before you’ve made any sales).

So, it’s important to choose an offer with an “EPS” that is higher than your “cost to acquire each customer”. That way, you’ll be able to subtract the money you spent to run your ads from your commission payout and still make a profit.

2. Compliance

The next thing you need to consider is compliance.

Facebook has a set of rules about what is allowed to be advertised on their platform called “compliance”. And while there is a list of these rules under their “advertising policies” page, figuring out what can get your ad flagged can still be confusing. When choosing an offer to promote on Facebook, there are a few key things to look out for in order to avoid getting your advertisement flagged by the Facebook compliance team. 

First, avoid any offers with “sensational” overly bold claims. But what does a sensational claim even look like? Any offer that seems “too good to be true” will likely be flagged for compliance. This includes things like: offers promising extremely fast weight loss (ex. lose 10lbs in 3 days) or offers promising dramatic results (ex. miracle drug reverses aging process, extends life to 120-150 years). Of course, these examples are on the extreme end, but a good rule of thumb is if the claims the offer is making aren’t proven somewhere in their affiliate materials, it will probably be flagged for non-compliance.

Second, avoid any offers [and especially avoid writing any ad copy] that “call out” your prospects. This looks like anything pointing out a prospect’s race, age, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, or medical condition. So, anything that starts with “if you are…” is a higher risk of being flagged. People are becoming more and more suspicious that their phones are “listening in” on them, so Facebook restricts this content in order to minimize this fear for their users. This can make your marketing strategy more difficult, but you need to avoid this language to keep your ads running.

Third, avoid any offers with before/after photos on their sales pages. This one can be difficult because one of the best ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of any beauty or fitness offer is to show before and after contrast photos, but Facebook will flag any offer with this element, so avoid these photos at all costs.

Finally, avoid any offers with misleading or untrue claims. This is a good rule to stick with for your marketing in general, because when you promote offers to your audience that aren’t what they say or aren’t helping them, you end up losing their trust and also their business.

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3. An Offer’s Sales Rank

The last thing you need to consider while choosing an offer to promote on Facebook is the offer’s sales rank.

Normally, choosing a highly ranked offer is a good way to make sure the offer is converting well and that you’ll be able to successfully promote it. When considering Facebook promotion, however, it’s important to remember that all advertisers are using the same platform. That means if you choose the #1 ranked offer to promote, chances are high that other affiliates are already promoting that same offer on Facebook.

More affiliates promoting the same offer on the same platform means more competition for you, and Facebook users are less likely to click on your link if they’ve already seen other advertisements for the same offer recently. This increased competition also likely means higher CPMs.

Recap: How to Choose Offers for Facebook Ads in Affiliate Marketing

So there you have it.

The most important things to consider when choosing an offer to promote on Facebook is the earnings per sale of an offer, compliance, and the sales rank of the offer. If you follow these guidelines while choosing your offer, you have a great chance to make some serious profits with your affiliate business.

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Kyle Dana, Director of Marketing, Digistore24


Kyle Dana

Director of Marketing

Kyle has over a decade of digital marketing experience, including successfully launching & growing several e-commerce brands - using SEO, content marketing, social media, and more. Prior to becoming Director of Marketing at Digistore24, Kyle was an 8-figure affiliate marketer and email list manager.