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Kyle Dana, Director of Marketing, Digistore24


Kyle Dana

Director of Marketing

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The 25 Best Products to Promote in Affiliate Marketing in 2024

January 17, 2024

22 Min. Read

7 Best Products to Sell in Affiliate Marketing Online

We’re going to reveal the most lucrative niches and the best affiliate marketing products in the industry right now. So for any new affiliate marketers, this list should help you find the perfect products & offers for you to promote. Veteran affiliates out there can also use this list to see which products are trending in 2024.

The list is in no particular order, and consists of multiple products that are evergreen, popular on Digistore24, and more.

So, whether you are new to affiliate marketing or have been in the industry for a while, it’s important to understand what makes a good product or offer for affiliate marketing. By good product, we’re not talking about something that is really well made or really useful, but instead something that you can sell effectively with affiliate marketing. 

We’re going to answer questions like what products are sold in affiliate marketing and which products sell best. Plus, we explain how to find top affiliate marketing products that are good for you. For anyone totally new to the industry, before we get started, below is a brief explanation of the types of products affiliate marketers sell. Those of you who have promoted products before, feel free to skip ahead to the good stuff.

What Products Do Affiliate Marketers Promote?

Pretty much anything! There are no real restrictions on what products an affiliate marketer can promote as long as it can be purchased online using an affiliate link. Physical products, digital products, services, and events are all suitable for promotion.

Product or offer owners need to simply offer up an affiliate link and affiliate sales can start taking place. According to Mediakix, more than 80% of brands use affiliate marketing. This isn’t actually surprising when you think about the cost of advertising on traditional media. Why fork out for TV adverts when you can pay savvy affiliate marketers a fraction of the price. Plus, affiliate marketers only get paid when they provide value but if a TV advert doesn’t work at all, you still have to pay for it. 
Interestingly, fashion accounts for 25% of all affiliate programs. When you consider the huge range of niches in affiliate marketing, the fact that one niche takes up ¼ of the industry is quite surprising. Fashion is followed by sports and outdoors products, then health and beauty. Home and garden, electronics, and travel are the runners-up. So, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s recommended you know the industries that are the biggest players.

How Do I Find Good Affiliate Products?

How Do I Find Good Affiliate Products

It’s important to define what a good affiliate marketing product is. A good product is something that you, an affiliate marketer, can successfully promote profitably. This isn’t all about the product itself, but instead, it is also about whether the niche is a good fit for you and if there's lucrative opportunites. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should make sure to keep an eye out for common trends. Using software such as Google Trends and social media conversation trackers (such as Social Mention) allow you to see what people are talking about. Using these types of software will help you to quickly see what are the most common trends in each year or month. This will allow you to find the best and most current products to promote.

Oh and by the way... You should also join an affiliate marketing network before anything else! If you're ready to promote the best and newest affiliate marketing products, you need the best affiliate program at your disposal. An affiliate network like Digistore24, for example.

Our Marketplace allows you to browse thousands of offers, but remember, the best products in affiliate marketing are always changing so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we’re going to explain in more detail how to know if an affiliate offer is "good or not" for you.

There are three key things we need to look at to find a good product for you as an affiliate marketer:

  • Is the product seasonal or evergreen?
  • Does the product have a dedicated customer base?
  • Is the product in a niche you could be an expert in? 

First, whether a product is seasonal or evergreen gives you an idea on if it will offer a sustainable potential for high affiliate sales. If a product is seasonal, only bought around a certain time of the year or because of a one-off event, it doesn’t mean it can’t offer a good ROI. It just means that it shouldn’t be your main form of income, or your priority. For example, holiday products around the festive periods can sell really well, but you don’t want to be promoting these all year round.

Evergreen products are products that are useful all year round and long term. A product that quickly becomes outdated is not considered evergreen. You are looking for something that is going to be useful for customers in the long term. 

Next, we need to look at whether a product has raving fans or a dedicated customer base. Good examples of this would be hobby products and sports equipment. Anyone that competes in a sport or regularly takes part in a hobby is going to spend money in that area. This means if they like what you have to offer, they will keep coming back - rather than a one-off purchase. Finding a product that already has raving fans makes your life as an affiliate marketer much easier!

Thankfully, most affiliate networks provide stats on each offer so you can better assess which products perform well. 

Finally, you need to ask yourself whether the niche this product is in is something you can be passionate about. If you get excited about an affiliate marketing niche, it means you will find becoming an expert in that topic much easier. You will be writing and talking about this niche all the time, so it is important that it is suitable for you. 

Make sure you at least like an offer before grabbing the affiliate link and promoting it.

Once you have settled on your main niche, you can build authority. Authority means how much users (and Google!) trust what you have to say. If you are passionate about a niche, you can build your expertise and authority much easier than a topic you have no interest in. So yes, you may have seen some affiliate products with big commissions, but ask yourself, do you actually want to write about this or promote this every day? A smaller commission on a product you can actually promote well is always going to be better than a product you can barely promote.

Now that you have a good understanding of how to find a good affiliate marketing product, take a look at the best products to promote in affiliate marketing below.

The 25 Best Products To Sell In Affiliate Marketing

1. Health Supplements

Health supplements

Health supplements are, in our opinion, the best affiliate products you can get involved with right now. Here at Digistore24, we have found that health offers & health supplements are some of the best money makers in affiliate marketing. 

What are health supplements? This term actually covers quite a big range of products, including supplements for weight loss, diabetes, vision, tinnitus, pain, brain health, energy, and much more. Which means it should be easy for you to find a specific product within health & wellness supplements that you can get passionate about and build your authority. 

Especially since we experienced a global pandemic, people are much more focused on how they can monitor their health. Supplements are a great way for people to take control of their health and try to improve their quality of life. Health supplements tick all the boxes. They are always going to be evergreen. If you reach your target market and they like your product, they’re quickly going to become raving fans if the product offers any improvement to their quality of life.

If you’ve been struggling to find the best product to sell in affiliate marketing to create a passive income for yourself, health supplements are in high demand!

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2. Financial Products

We don’t want to tell you that selling any affiliate product is easy. However, when the product you are promoting offers to help customers create more income for themselves, the job is certainly easier. Financial offers are a very hot market right now. Cryptocurrency and stock investment courses are great because these are topics often in the news, which works as extra marketing for you!

Our financial affiliate programs such as Crypto Quantum Leap and Exynox Scalper have been performing extremely well for our affiliate marketers. Financial products are another area which quickly creates raving fans. Anyone who has used a financial product to increase their income is going to tell their friends about it which will mean more affiliate sales for you!

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3. Self-Development Courses

Self-development is quite a broad term but what we mean by this is any online courses which offer an improvement to your quality of life and/or mental health. This could be manifestation techniques, how to save money, how to create a fitness lifestyle or even educational courses. Anything, really, which can increase the satisfaction or abilities of the customer. 

Online courses are a great product to get involved with this year. It’s a booming industry which means it is definitely evergreen. It’s predicted that the online learning market will be worth $325 Billion in 2025. Yep, that’s right - BILLION. 

The variety in affiliate marketing programs for courses is massive. You should easily be able to find a topic that suits your interests.

4.  Pets & Animals

Promoting pet products through an affiliate program is a great way to increase your passive income. Pet supplies are always in high demand, particularly food, treats and toys. People want the best for their pets, so browsing and then promoting offers with generous commissions is a win-win for both marketers and pet lovers.

By partnering with a well-established and reputable affiliate network like Digistore24, you can ensure that your customers will receive the highest quality products and services available. This allows you to build loyalty among your customers, creating an even stronger relationship between them and you.

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5. Betting Systems

Betting offers can be an excellent way for you to increase your affiliate income. By becoming an affiliate partner and promoting betting systems that offer high payouts and realistic odds of winning, you can attract customers who may not be familiar with betting or gambling in general. Or customers who want to improve their overall betting strategy.

Nevertheless, these customers could potentially become loyal followers of you, especially if the products you're promoting are helpful. Furthermore, the commission structure is usually very attractive for these types of offers and allow you to maximize your earnings. If done correctly, promoting betting offers can prove to be quite lucrative.

Plus, you don't have to have extensive knowledge in the betting industry, as you can access a wealth of information through partner programs and websites and create content on social media or email to push these offers. Taking advantage of these resources will ensure that you're able to provide customers with accurate data and reliable tips on how to win more frequently.

Check out a few Betting offers and grab your affiliate link ASAP.

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6. Online Dating

Online dating offers are really a no brainer. Almost everyone wants to find love and companionship in some form, which means there will ALWAYS be dedicated customers in this industry. In fact, in America alone, there are around 40 million people using online dating! That is a major market with plenty of affiliate programs to choose from. 

Dating is evergreen because it takes place all year round and each year a different generation is starting the search for a partner. So, online dating apps and offers will be a lucrative market for the long term for affiliate marketing. 

But will the customers come back if they do actually find love with a dating app? This is less of a problem than you think. If someone does find long lasting love, then you can guarantee they will rave about the product for you. Every success you get means more free marketing for you!

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7. CBD


CBD is a relatively new market, but CBD products are becoming major due to the high demand. Covid actually increased the demand for CBD making it a particularly lucrative market to get involved with right now for affiliates. 

The target market for CBD is also huge because it has so many uses, from helping with arthritis in older generations to reducing anxiety in younger ones. The best CBD products to promote right now are oils, lotions and gummies.

8. Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is the longest standing market on this affiliate marketing product list. Cosmetics have been used since ancient times and were sold on mass to the public from the 1930s. It is one of the most evergreen products out there because it has been popular for so long and shows no signs of slowing down. The global cosmetic market is now worth over $500 billion.

Beauty affiliate marketing programs are perfect if you already have an interest in make-up or skincare products. These products lend themselves well to YouTube reviews and tutorials which is perfect for building up your authority.

9. Keto Plans

Finally, the last product on our list is anything and everything keto related. If you don’t know what keto is, it’s a diet that consists of high fats, moderate proteins and very low carbohydrates. It’s like the new fad diet, except it seems to be here to stay with food gurus, athletes and doctors worldwide promoting the benefits.

Keto not only aids in weight loss but it is also reported to help with diabetes and improve the symptoms of a host of health problems. Keto is a great market to get into right now as it is thriving and continually growing. Your options range from keto supplements, to meal plans and recipe books. 

If you are already interested in having a fitness lifestyle or improving your own health, then keto products are the perfect affiliate offer for you.

10. Music

Music products are among the best affiliate marketing products to sell. It's a great way for you to make money because you tap into people around the world with an ever-growing interest in music.

It's an excellent source of passive income for many marketers looking to diversify their income streams. You can choose from various offers to promote, ranging from guitar or piano lessons, music software, sample packs and so much more.

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11. Email Marketing

Email marketing tools are powerful assets that can help your clients make money by reaching a plethora of people with their content. As an affiliate, we're sure you're already using an email tool to send offers to your clients. But you can also promote these tools to new affiliates or marketing professionals who want to get into email marketing.

Email marketing products, such as autoresponders and email campaign configurators are amazing resources that every marketer has to have in their toolshed. Plus, you can also promote different courses and e-books for people that are just starting out in the email marketing sphere and need as much documentation as possible to learn the ins and outs of this medium.

There are also tons of products that reveal different tips and hacks on how to increase conversion, how to write killer subject lines, and more.

12. Fashion

Give your traffic the gift of staying on top of the latest fashion styles and trends by regularly sending them offers within this niche. Promoting fashion products can be a great way for you to tap into an industry that is constantly growing and evolving.

Whether it's clothing, accessories or jewelry, fashion items are popular amongst people of all ages and genders. Big, chunky fashion books are also very sought-after products - even if they are often used as chic decor in the home.

So, with all of this in mind, affiliates just like you have the potential to reach out to a wide array of customer types and cash in on generous commissions upon successful sales in this niche.

13. Photography and Video

Photography and video products are great to promote and some of the best affiliate products to sell because they appeal to customers of all ages and demographics: From amateur photographers just starting out in the industry to experienced professionals looking for the latest technological advancements.

Promoting photography and video offers gives you a way to connect with people who are passionate about capturing moments; whether it be through making videos or taking photos. There are also tons of photo and video software that you can try to push...

People passionate about photography always want to stay up to date with the latest tools and software, so make sure you also add those to your campaign calendar.

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14. Social Media

Whether you're a casual social media user, or use this medium for professional purposes, you need to stay up to date with relevant trends and changes to stand out among the millions - or billions - of others users.

From books discussing tips and tricks on how to master social media, to intuitive editing, management and scheduling tools, you can pretty much promote anything you'd like - because the demand for all of these products is considerably high.

Just make sure you filter your lists and promote the offers accordingly to the relevant audience.

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15. Education

Education affiliate marketing offers are great to promote because they offer a wide range of learning opportunities for customers. Tap into the ever-growing market of people who are looking to further their knowledge and skill set. Whether it’s online courses, tutoring sessions or educational books, there is something for everyone.

Education offers provide customers with an engaging and interactive learning experience while giving you the chance to earn a commission through your promotions. It is a great way to promote products that can help people grow and develop in their chosen fields. Additionally, education affiliate marketing offers have high customer retention rates due to the trust associated with them, making it easier for affiliates to generate a steady revenue stream.

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16. Family & Kids

Do you want to promote family friendly offers that can benefit everyone in the family, regardless of age? From toys, clothes and books to educational programs, sports equipment and outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in this niche. With these types of offers, you can help parents find fun ways to engage with their children, whether it be learning experiences or other products that will foster creativity and critical thinking.

You can also help families find ways to save money or make money online by offering them the best resources and products. This niche is great to promote because it's full of products that benefit the entire family, making it easier for you to gain traction in your promotions. On Digistore24, there are many affiliate programs available that offer generous commissions on sales in the Family & Kids category.

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17. Gaming

Gaming affiliate marketing offers are great to promote because they cater to a wide audience of gamers and offer huge earning potential. With the popularity of gaming on the rise, as well as streaming platforms focused on gaming such as Twitch and even YouTube, more people than ever are looking for ways to connect with their favorite games through accessories and related content.

As an affiliate, you can capitalize on this by connecting your traffic with gaming offers that range from peripherals and consoles to virtual currency and downloadable content. You can make generous commissions on each successful sale as this is among the most profitable niches available in affiliate marketing.

There is always something new coming out in the gaming industry so you can keep your promotions fresh and exciting for your customers year-round. If you want to improve your affiliate marketing business, we highly encourage you to try promoting a couple of gaming offers.

18. Hobbies

Everything surrounding hobbies are great to promote because they allow you to connect your customers with products that can help them further pursue their passions and hobbies. This niche is incredibly broad and includes everything from craft supplies, musical instruments, board games, action figures, and more.

Hobby enthusiasts are often very passionate about their interests and are usually willing to invest in the products they need in order to take part in the activities they love. By promoting hobby-related offers, you will be able to satisfy the needs of these consumers while also earning generous commissions for each successful sale.

On top of this, many hobby-related products have high quality standards so customers are usually happy with what they buy which makes it easier for affiliates to make long time customers. Overall, hobby offers can provide great opportunities for you to capitalize on the enthusiasm of customers who are passionate about their hobbies.

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19. Spirituality

Spiritual products focus on helping people connect to themselves, their lives, and the world around them. By providing customers with products such as books, apps, retreats, workshops, or coaching sessions geared towards personal growth and spiritual development, you can help buyers find products that will bring meaningful transformation in their lives.

You can check our wide variety of spiritual offers on the Digistore24 Marketplace.

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20. Survival

Survival offers are among the best affiliate products to sell because they appeal to a pretty large group of consumers who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge about survival.

With products such as books, e-books, instructional videos, tools and even classes available, affiliates can help customers gain the confidence to live life on their terms no matter what situation comes their way.

Survival offers can provide an opportunity for you to monetize your traffic by helping your customers find the guidance and resources they need to make sure that they can succeed in any environment.

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21. Language

By connecting customers with language courses, products or services that make learning new languages easier, as an affiliate you can help customers realize their ambitions of becoming fluent in a second, third or even fourth language.

Promoting language-learning offers is again a great way for affiliates to feel good about what they do since it allows them to help others reach their goals and improve their lives at the same time.

Learning a new language is not extremely hard, but it does take time and practice. Directing your audience towards Grade A apps, ebooks and courses is a surefire way to earn hefty commissions.

22. Home & Garden

People often invest in home improvement projects for both practical reasons and for aesthetic purposes, meaning that the potential customer base is huge. Whether someone is looking for new furniture, paint colors, kitchen appliances, landscaping supplies, or books for design inspiration, these offers provide the perfect opportunity to help meet those needs.

Home and garden offers often have generous commission rates, making them highly lucrative for affiliates looking to monetize their traffic. Additionally, customers are usually quite satisfied with the products they purchase in this niche due to the high quality standards that many home and garden items tend to adhere to.

23. Green Products

Environmental and green affiliate products are some of the best affiliate products to sell because they help educate people about how their lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on the planet. Promoting these offers gives you an opportunity to make a real difference by encouraging others to take part in more sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption, making conscious shopping decisions, and adopting eco-friendly products.

Environmental offers tend to have generous commissions attached to them, so promoting green products is an ideal way for you to monetize your traffic, while also doing something good for the planet.

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others become more environmentally conscious while also earning a generous commission while doing it.

Food & Drinks

There's no denying that food and drink offers are evergreen. Eating is something we all do every day, so it should come as no surprise that food and beverage related topics continually draw attention from customers all over the world.

From recipes to nutrition advice, kitchen appliances to pre-made meals, there are many opportunities for affiliates to capitalize on this niche. With new products always being released in the food & drink sector, you have the opportunity to keep customers engaged by promoting new products or trends that will help them improve their cooking skills or expand their culinary knowledge.

Furthermore, depending on the offer you choose to promote, commissions can be very generous if you can successfully convert your traffic into regular buyers. Appealing to a vast number of people, offers from this niche can turn out to be extremely lucrative.

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25. Fitness

You can never go wrong with fitness offers. These are great to promote because they can help your audience get motivated and stay shape and healthy.

Fitness products range from exercise equipment, nutrition supplements, and sports apparel. The best thing about promoting fitness offers is that there is something for everyone; you can target gym buffs, as well as those who just want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the commissions on these products tend to be higher than many other niches, so you have the potential to make a good amount of money from each sale. Promoting fitness-related products will not only benefit your customers but also give you an opportunity to help others become healthier while you increase your earnings.

Final Thoughts…

That’s it! You now have the list of the best products to promote in affiliate marketing. Plus, you also know what makes a good product for you with affiliate marketing. We hope you’ve found this article helpful, and maybe even discovered the next major niche you’re going to get involved with.

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Kyle Dana, Director of Marketing, Digistore24


Kyle Dana

Director of Marketing

Kyle has over a decade of digital marketing experience, including successfully launching & growing several e-commerce brands - using SEO, content marketing, social media, and more. Prior to becoming Director of Marketing at Digistore24, Kyle was an 8-figure affiliate marketer and email list manager.