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Kyle Dana

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2024

Jan 17, 2024

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33 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches 2022

In this article, we’re going to give you a full rundown of where the biggest profits can be made in affiliate marketing in 2024. We’re also going to let you know which are our most lucrative affiliate niches. So if you’ve been stuck for affiliate marketing niche ideas, we’ve got you covered!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2024

best affiliate marketing niches

New and experienced affiliate marketers alike always have the same question on their minds: What are the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches this year, as well as the best affiliate marketing products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest industries to get into right now. 


There is just so much revenue opportunity on the table. 

From fitness to finance, most affiliate niches are growing year-over-year. Plus, it's an industry that can help you make money online in the comforts of your home. You can create a passive income stream by simply having an online presence with just an internet connection and laptop - it’s simply a no-brainer!

And the good news is, you can learn affiliate marketing for free right here on the Digistore24 Blog, as well as how to use social media for affiliate marketing like a pro, and so much more.

According to Glassdoor, affiliate marketers in the US earn an average base pay of $66K per year, but the range is all the way from $35K to $125K+. Plus when you factor in that a lot of affiliate marketers work far fewer hours than typical workers because of passive income, and can work from virtually anywhere in the world, you can see it’s a very lucrative & popular industry.

How Do I Find The Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche

The first question we need to address is what makes a niche good or bad? Of course, you can simply look at the potential revenue for a niche but there is more to running a successful affiliate marketing business than following the crowd. 

You may have heard the term ‘evergreen niche’; what we mean by this is a niche that’s not seasonal and will be around long-term. If you heavily invest in an affiliate marketing strategy only to find out the market is only lucrative at a certain time of year or in the immediate term, it will likely be a waste of your time. For example, holiday focused products or a sport that is only played in winter may limit your potential revenue. An evergreen niche, however, will keep providing profits all year round. 

Evergreen niches are also broad. They attract customers from around the world and the niche itself covers a large range of products. They are safe bets, proven to generate revenue. Becoming an affiliate marketer for a product that is only used by one town or even one country seriously limits your potential income. The bigger the audience, the bigger the potential income!

The other factor to consider is how dedicated the customers are. For example, hobbyists or athletes will consistently spend money to buy equipment and products related to their interests. These are what we call ‘raving fans’, people who will keep coming back to spend money in a particular niche. A similar concept applies to someone dealing with a certain health issue (of course, until they’ve found a solution).

When we’re talking about improving affiliate marketing efforts and choosing a profitable affiliate marketing niche, we need to look for something that’s evergreen, has raving fans, and is already profitable for other affiliate marketers. There are a few resources we can use to find out which niches fit into this category, including common sense. We can tell just by thinking about it which niches have wide audiences and offer a chance for positive ROI. After eliminating anything without a wide reach, evergreen potential, and raving fans, we’re still left with a huge range of niches.

How can we narrow that down? 

In the next section, we reveal the niches which are doing amazing here at Digistore24. Then, we take a look at a wider range of niches in more detail based on revenue data from Empire Flippers.

Best Recommended Niches:

  • Evergreen 
  • Appealing to audiences worldwide
  • Has dedicated customers (AKA raving fans)
  • Profitable

Least Recommended Niches:

  • Seasonal
  • Small target audience
  • Low chance of positive ROI

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches: Shortlist

best affiliate marketing niches health and fitness

If you’re here for a quick overview and don’t have time for an in-depth read, then below is a rundown of the best overall niches for affiliate marketing. This list uses the term ‘niche’ very broadly. These are the best general areas for affiliate marketing and we will look at niches within each of these categories later.

Here are the best general niches for affiliate marketers:

  • Health and fitness
  • Personal development
  • Survival
  • Biz Opp
  • Love & Relationships
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle and luxury
  • Home and family
  • Online technology
  • Hobbies
  • Alternative therapies

As we said above, these are very broad. We will look at specific niches within each of these sections below. This list just gives you a general idea of where the profits are within affiliate marketing. You can then break these down into sub niches or micro niches to really target customers and build authority in a particular area. 

Not Sure What Authority Means? 

Authority is how much trust both your audience and Google have in you that you actually know what you are talking about. A professional gardener creating a blog about gardening tips is going to have much more authority in their subject than if they were to write about cryptocurrency. A website that Google and users consider to have strong expertise is called an authority site. 

What If I’m Not An Expert In Anything?

Don’t worry! You can become an expert in a niche you are passionate about simply by doing research and regularly posting useful information. You can learn as you create affiliate content and during the process, you will build trust with your audience. Eventually, this will lead to you having an authority site, or simply being seen as an authority on a specific topic. 

Why Not Target A Broad Niche To Access A Bigger Range Of Products?

This is something you could do. Building a fitness blog for example and then having pages within that to target specific sports and activities gives you more options when it comes to products. However, think about all the great blogs that are already out there. If this is your first affiliate website and you try to go too big with your niche, the competition will just be too strong, and it’ll be increasingly hard for you to rank on Google with your web pages. If you choose a smaller niche, it’s easier to build your reputation as an expert in that particular field. Then as you build your audience, you can start to branch out to other areas related to your sub niche.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, then choosing a broader niche could work well if you already have authority online. However, we still recommend not going too broad with any niche to reduce competition and increase customer trust. 

Most Profitable Niches Based on Digistore24 Data

Every affiliate marketing platform is going to have slightly different data. It can be hard to know who has it right. The answer to that is, all of them do. Every affiliate strategy is going to have different results so each company in the industry will have data that varies. 

The top 5 profitable affiliate marketing niches for us here at Digistore24 are:

  • Fitness and health
  • Business and investment
  • Survival
  • Personal development
  • Internet marketing

From our list, you can see our affiliates have found the most revenue in the health and fitness niche. Again, these categories are quite broad, so we will break these down further into the best specific niches. However, from this list alone, you can get an idea of the types of lucrative affiliate programs out there and where you could start to make money online even without a website.

Here are the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing. You can read about each one below and head to the Digistore24 Marketplace to browse offers for each.

Health & Fitness

fitness affiliate marketing

Since Covid-19 rocked the world, it has become more evident than ever that we all need to look after our health. Fitness is always going to be a priority for a lot of people, which means it’s a niche that will always have raving fans.

The fitness niche includes everything from hardcore workouts to gentle yoga, and all the equipment and apps to accompany them. Here at Digistore24, we’ve found health and fitness to be our best performing vertical, offering some of the best ROIs.

Some of our top health & fitness offers on the Marketplace include SightCare, Healthy Heart Solution, Aizen Power & The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan, just to name a few.

These bad boys have great AOVs, as well as wild commission rates that go up to 80%. You definitely need to check them out.

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Business & Investment

The Digistore24 Marketplace is packed with a lot of lucrative business and investment products that can help you put money in your pocket every day of the week.

From meticulously crafted "how to make money online" courses, to educational cryptocurrency membership areas, courses on how to make popular YouTube videos, and so much more!

All of the incredible Digistore24 business & investment products come with high-converting VSLs, persuasive email swipes and other amazing promotional materials that you can use in your promo efforts.

Pretty neat deal, isn't it?

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Survival offers are no doubt part of the evergreen niche category. More and more people are looking to be prepared for any type of situation nowadays and some even enjoy living a prepper-type lifestyle.

This is great news for affiliates, as you can cash in beautifully by promoting survival offers such as camping gear, self-defense tools, emergency supplies and more.

Between amazing prepper guides with high-converting VSL's, DIY guides with TSL's and promo emails written by top copywriters, as well as ebooks on how to be completely self-sufficient, we've got it all!

All you need to do is create a free account and get started and and earn up to 90% commissions!

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Personal Development

People are always looking for ways to become better versions of themselves, whether that be through improving their physical health, mental well-being, or overall life satisfaction. You can promote offers such as e-books and courses on self-improvement, mindfulness practices, and goal setting - just to name a few.

This is a highly profitable affiliate marketing niche because it appeals to a wide range of consumers.

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This is one of the broadest niches on our list. Education covers not only brick and mortar classrooms from kindergarten to college, but also the thousands of courses and seminars available online. In the past, education was restricted to an elite few, but now anyone can learn anything with the click of a button. 

So whether it’s online courses or physical schools, education is a hugely profitable niche to get into in 2024.

You can find around 50 educational offers on the Digistore24 Marketplace, and you can earn up to 90% commissions by promoting some of them. Ebooks are always a safe bet to promote and education is an ever-green niche, so you can't go wrong in this niche.

According to Future Market Insights, the global eBook market size was valued at approximately $19.95 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach $32.19 billion by 2032.

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Personal finance and fintech (financial technology to you and me) is a booming industry right now. It is highly competitive but because of the huge opportunities within this particular niche, we still had to have it near the top of the list. Finance includes a lot of new exciting areas such as cryptocurrency and well-established money-makers like stock trading and credit cards. Yes, they are slightly more technical, so it will take more time to train yourself and become an expert, but the rewards are worth it!

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Healthy Lifestyle

What exactly does ‘healthy lifestyle’ mean? This affiliate marketing niche includes things like supplements, organic eating, and veganism. Any steps a person could take to improve their health could go into this category - including fighting against illness and even disease.

It’s no surprise that this is a great niche for 2024. Covid-19 has seen an increase in the number of people who are conscious about their health. This is therefore extremely likely to result in even higher revenues for 2024.

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Home Products

This is another profitable affiliate marketing niche affected by Covid-19. With how much time we have all spent at home in the last two years, most of us want our homes to be appealing places. Before, home was all-important to some, and just a bed for others.

Now, we all know that you could have to spend a great deal of time within your four walls. So, it’s essential to really love your space. Home products include all the different elements of decor and DIY ebooks, and anything and everything you could use to make a house a home.

The Digistore24 Marketplace is packed with a lot of guides and ebooks centered around home improvements, so make sure to check them out.

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Animals & Pets

The pet niche is unsurprisingly a popular one. It fits the requirement of having raving fans because when someone buys a pet, it’s usually going to be around for a good while and requires regular spending. Every pet has different requirements but usually, pet owners need to spend money on pet food, pet care, pet hygiene, pet toys, and pet insurance on a monthly, or at least regular basis.

The raving fans in the pet niche are also incredibly loyal because the health and happiness of their pets are a top priority. So if they like the products you promote, you’ll have a customer for life.

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Ok, so you might be wondering how the legal niche could benefit an affiliate marketer. You’d need to be an expert in law, right? Actually, there are plenty of law niche opportunities for any savvy affiliate marketer, without any prior knowledge of law. This usually comes in the form of subscription services. Templated legal forms and online legal services are just two examples. 

Food and Drinks

The food and beverage industry is a huge market, which gives space for every affiliate marketing business to shine. We recommend that anyone going into the food or beverage niches should try to find a micro niche. Examples of this in food could be things like sauces, free-from options, or subscription boxes.

When it comes to drinks, you can choose from options like soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and even health drinks such as kombucha. Ideally, you should choose something you are already a raving fan of because it’s easy to promote products you already love and use. 

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If you’re looking for a product that has a huge reach across the globe, then coffee could be the one for you. In 2020/21 over 9.96 billion kilograms of coffee were consumed worldwide. That is A LOT of coffee. Although coffee sounds like a small niche, just being one type of drink, there are countless micro niches within coffee. Think about not only the fresh beans or instant types of coffee but also cold brews, cappuccino machines… the list goes on. If you can’t live without your daily cup of joe, then look no further for your best niche in 2024.


Sadly, over 1 million home burglaries happen in the US alone each year. The more surprising statistic is that over 75% of homeowners don’t have security systems. It’s also predicted that 75% of homes in the US will get broken into at some point in the next 20 years. The level of risk surrounding home security can increase the amount a consumer is willing to spend. After all, spend now to avoid losing money later. With all the high and low tech options for securing your home available on the market, there is plenty of scope for affiliate marketers to find large revenues. 


What do we mean by equipment? The equipment niche includes any tools that can be used for jobs at home or in the workplace. Home renovation equipment, plumbing equipment and woodworking equipment are just three examples. If you have worked in a trade in the past, this could be the perfect niche for you to build authority in. Equipment may have a lower commission percentage because it is a physical product with higher costs. However, the product price point is higher so your revenue per sale is likely to be quite high. 

Business Software

If you have any experience as an affiliate marketer, you probably already know how popular SaaS (software as a service) is. For any newbies, SaaS is any software that is online and on a subscription basis. Website hosting, invoicing software, and accounting software are just three examples. The great thing about this is one-off payments are typically quite low in value, but subscriptions help to increase affiliate marketer profits. With the massive range of products in the business software niche, combined with the advances we make in technology every year, you will never be without new products to promote.

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sport affiliate marketing

This is another great example of an affiliate marketing niche with raving fans. Anyone that is regularly playing a sport needs sporting equipment, which means guaranteed revenue in the industry. On top of equipment, you also have memorabilia and merchandise for fans who want to show their team spirit. Although we do have the biggest and best sports fans here in the US, many of our teams have fans worldwide. 

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This is another evergreen niche that ‘has raving fans’. Kitchenware is a popular niche worldwide plus everyone needs at least some basic kitchenware. And anyone who enjoys cooking will spend more on kitchenware to have luxury items. It’s the luxury end of the kitchen niche you need to focus on. High-end blenders and other kitchen appliances are where the biggest revenues are.


Car selling needs no introduction. High costs and high profits are obvious because the product price point is so much higher than other niches on the list. You won’t struggle to find automotive affiliate programs. The only question is: are you a petrol-head? If you love talking about cars, then this is definitely the niche you need to get involved in.


This is a niche that a lot of affiliate marketers forget exists. Art dealers sound like a luxury dream job. In actual fact, lots of people like to have art in their homes, expensive or not. You may be surprised to know that the art industry generated 50 billion dollars worldwide in 2020 alone. If you’re looking for a huge source of revenue that’s less popular with your fellow affiliates, then the art niche is a great place to find products. 


One of the more competitive niches for affiliate marketing, clothing and fashion is where a lot of online businesses find recurring revenue. The average American family spends $1,700 on clothes annually, contributing to the predicted global clothing revenue of $2.25 trillion by 2025. Yep, that’s right - trillion. Even during lockdowns, consumers were still buying clothes online. Besides, since the lockdown has been over in most countries, people are increasing their spending on clothes even more than before.

Baby products

Baby products are in some ways the perfect profitable affiliate niche. There will always be people having babies across the globe. You have more than one element to think about; baby products, toys and clothes are one side of the coin and the mother and her pregnancy the other. From supplements to pregnancy yoga, there is a lot of overlap with the health and fitness niche, too. Plus when it comes to baby products, they grow out of everything so quickly and they are constantly requiring new things. So, once a family has decided the products you promote are the best choice for their baby, it’s likely they will become a repeat customer.


Baking products are a great way to get into affiliate marketing if you enjoy whipping up a loaf or a batch of cupcakes in your own kitchen. Finding the products that make home baking easier and explaining them to your audience will also build your online presence and authority. 


Designer make-up brands can be a really lucrative niche if you know how to get involved. On the other hand, natural and vegan cosmetics are really booming at the moment. This is another popular affiliate marketing niche that could already line up with your interests. If you have a passion for make-up, skincare and beauty products, then creating informative tutorials on YouTube or helpful blog posts is a great way to promote your favorite products. 

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Similar to the baby niche, children are always growing their tastes and needs change every year. It’s estimated that parents spend around $272,049 on raising a child until they are 18. Although a lot of that particular pie goes on food and housing, there is still a huge amount of money being spent on other child products such as clothing and toys.


In the past, electronics had their own special shop you had to go to when you needed a new TV or radio. Now, most supermarkets in every town carry tiny phones and huge flatscreen TVs. We use electronics every single day but you may not have thought about using them for your affiliate marketing strategy. Physical products do have their drawbacks over online products, but the high prices in electronics will ensure good revenues if you can find a good angle for review videos and blog posts.


Entertainment may bring up images of comedy nights or cabaret shows on holiday. However, when we say entertainment, we actually mean all the online streaming services you use on a daily basis. With so many options for our evening binge watch and weekend movie nights, it can be overwhelming. Enter the wise affiliate marketer to guide consumers to all the best content. 


The gaming niche is a competitive one, but it is also enormous, giving scope for every affiliate marketer to find success. Gaming is perfect for you if you already have a passion for any type of gaming because it’s easy to become an expert in your free time. If you love nothing more than a weekend alone with your console or PC, then gaming is a great way for you to turn your passion into an income.

Love & Relationship

The relationship niche is an interesting one. What started out as a way to find love has become a free for all of wading through the time-wasters. Choosing the right platform for online dating can have a crazy big impact on your life. Almost everyone wants to find a successful relationship (or at least a successful hook-up).

The urgency of finding a date for the weekend or a life partner before it’s too late can really increase the revenue available in this niche. Currently, the average revenue in the relationship niche is around $8.91 per person but this is an average so of course there will be some paying more. Plus every year more people become eligible for dating services, so although the price point is fairly low, the number of users will keep increasing. 

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Weight Loss

Closely related to health and fitness niches, weight loss offers some slightly different opportunities. Weight loss plans and pills, as well as cookbooks, are very competitive within affiliate marketing, but it’s because these products have great AOVs and ROIs.

The amount of people who are willing to pay to lose weight is often staggering (Americans spend around $33 billion per year on weight loss). It’s a large pie big enough for most affiliate marketers to get a piece of if they can find a suitable micro niche.

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Yep, you’re reading that right - we do have CBD on this list! CBD is cannabis without the high inducing THC. CBD is popular for treating a range of issues such as anxiety and offers a natural form of pain relief. CBD balms, teas and oils are all the rage right now and definitely a great 2024 affiliate marketing niche to get onto while it is still relatively new.


Along with beauty and fashion, jewelry is a competitive niche but it also offers high revenue and a broad audience. Although an expensive luxury product, it is a very common niche for people to spend in. Why? Well, one study showed that 57% of women preferred jewelry over anything else as a gift. This may result in some rather seasonal shopping but you are pretty much guaranteed sales around Christmas and Valentine's day every year. 


If you have a hobby, it’s usually something you are happy to spend money on. Hobby-related spending gives you an immediate reward unlike spending on your typical shopping. It’s rare that a hobby is totally free… even bird-watching usually leads to buying books, binoculars, and even an expensive camera. Crafting, painting and knitting for example all require regular spending on resources. Once a customer has found your channel or blog post, they may come to rely on you for the best products for their hobby. 

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Office Supply

Ok, this may be the least thrilling on this list but it’s an important one to mention. Office supply may not offer all the sex appeal and glamour of others on this list but it is an area that has reliable spending. How many offices are there in the world? It’s not an easy statistic to find but we can assume the number is incredibly high. The big customer base also comes with the bonus feature that a lot of workers spending money in the office supply niche are in fact spending company money and not their own. 


outdoors affiliate marketing

Camping gear and outdoor clothing are a great way to get into affiliate marketing for any avid hikers out there. Since Covid-19 has reduced international travel, many people have taken to outdoor holidays within their own countries. Finding the best quality gear can be the difference between a successful adventure and a soggy one. So if you are already an outdoor nut, then reviewing products in this niche is a great direction to take your affiliate marketing strategy. 


Spirituality is an evergreen affiliate marketing niche that has seen a resurgence in recent times. This is due to the growing demand for guidance and knowledge on how to better understand and connect with ourselves and the world around us. Customers are usually looking for products such as e-books, courses, meditation tools, crystals, energy healing tools and more. Affiliates! You have to explore this niche - it's incredibly lucrative.

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Betting and Gambling

Betting & gambling has seen a significant rise in popularity over the last few years. People are known to love both online & offline gambling for entertainment. This presents a unique opportunity for marketers to tap into this growing affiliate marketing niche that can help customers improve their strategy and game plan. Affiliates can benefit from high commissions and attractive promotions when promoting betting offers.

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Photography is an extremely popular affiliate marketing niche, as it comes with amazing potential for earning commissions. As an affiliate, you can choose to promote high-quality digital products for cameras and lenses, as well as editing software and accessories that customers are always looking for. Promoting photography products and services is a highly lucrative affiliate marketing niche, as demand is high and you can reach a huge pool of people in this growing market.

Survival offers are no doubt part of the evergreen niche category. More and more people are looking to be prepared for any type of situation nowadays and some even enjoy living a prepper-type lifestyle. This is great news for affiliates, as you can cash in beautifully by promoting survival offers such as camping gear, self-defense tools, emergency supplies and more.

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Children's Books

Children’s books are a super profitable affiliate marketing niche. With the rise of e-books and digital versions of classic stories, parents can now easily access an array of literature for their children. Affiliates promoting these products can stand to gain from a wide variety of customers, including adults looking to give their kids something educational and entertaining.

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Music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Promoting software, courses and lessons open up opportunities for many people to learn more about music. Whether your customers want to learn how to play an instrument or how to produce a song, make sure you have the right offers to promote at hand. This is one of the best niches to dive into.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to target a large group of potential customers all at once, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to an audience. By promoting email marketing products, your customers can get access to educational content and powerful segmentation tools in order to better target their audiences and improve their email communication. 

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Gardening is a profitable affiliate marketing niche that has seen steady growth in recent years. People love the outdoors! And gardeners are always on the lookout for new tools and supplies to help them improve their outdoor experiences, as well as e-books to learn more about their field. This makes gardening offers an attractive choice for affiliates to promote. From soil and plant food all the way to landscaping tools - the market is limitless!

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travel affiliate marketing

Travel is a great niche to get involved in. You can easily find a micro niche to build a reputation in and then branch out to another similar area within the travel niche. Luggage, for example, might sound a bit dull but everyone that goes on holiday needs a suitcase that’s suitable for them. Small traveler items will be easier to rank in, but if you have the time to build up your authority there is big money to be made in the luxury holiday niche.

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From video games to board games, people are always looking for fun and engaging ways to spend their time. Affiliates have the perfect opportunity to promote products and services related to gaming such as consoles, controllers, gaming accessories and software. With a wide variety of options available within this niche, you can go no wrong with the gaming niche.

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Social Media

With more and more people using social media platforms every day, there is an enormous potential for growth within this niche. Affiliates can promote a wide range of products from social media management tools to analytics software and even advertising services. Evergreen niche? Check! Highly profitable? Check!

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Green Offers

Promoting green products is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as earn money - of course. As more people become aware of climate change and its effects, they are increasingly looking for ways to do their part in combating it. By promoting eco-friendly products such as organic food, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, you can help your customers make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And don't limit yourself to physical products - you can also promote helpful e-books!

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Final Thoughts

And that’s it! Our ultimate list of the most competitive affiliate marketing niches for 2024 should help give you an idea of your many options. Although you may be tempted to choose the most lucrative niche, it’s also important to consider your interests and current competition. For any new affiliate marketer, it’s key to focus on products you enjoy talking about, which means finding a niche that lines up with your personal interests. 

It’s easier to build authority in an affiliate niche you have passion for. So when trying to find a particular niche to suit your affiliate marketing business, first consider what you would enjoy marketing.

Still stuck trying to choose a niche? Check out the Digistore24 Marketplace to see our full list of affiliate products and offers so you can find a product you can’t wait to promote!

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Kyle Dana, Director of Marketing, Digistore24


Kyle Dana

Director of Marketing

Kyle has over a decade of digital marketing experience, including successfully launching & growing several e-commerce brands - using SEO, content marketing, social media, and more. Prior to becoming Director of Marketing at Digistore24, Kyle was an 8-figure affiliate marketer and email list manager.