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Robert Demeter

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How To Master Email Marketing In Affiliate Marketing

June 28, 2022

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How To Master Email Marketing In Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we present to you the 5 best email marketing tips that every digital entrepreneur should know if you are trying to grow and scale your business in affiliate marketing.

How To Master Email Marketing In Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing may be one of the oldest forms of marketing communication in the digital age today, but it is still one of the greatest channels when it comes to promoting and selling the best affiliate marketing products.

And despite the popularity of newer communication platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more, email marketing still reigns as one of the best return on investment (ROI) channels that you can utilize.

So, without furder ado... Here are Digistore24's top 5 email marketing tips for affiliate marketing.

Tip #1 - Keep Your List Healthy 

You should always segment your affiliate marketing email list based on who they are and also their engagement or behavior. For example, create a segment based on 30-day openers.

How you create your segments should be based on your subscriber engagement. You want to aim for at least 20% open rates. Being consistent will also help, meaning how often you are mailing and also your timing & send times.

Deliverability should be a big focus, since email marketing only works if your emails are reaching people’s inboxes! The deliverability support of your ESP (email service provider) will be able to help you with that.

Tip #2 - Be Compliant & Get Replies

When you set up your emails, there are a few practices that will help you inbox and ensure that you are also compliant.

At the top of every email, we recommend that you include a one-click unsubscribe button (you will notice even we have one at the top of our emails). It is not the end of the world if someone unsubscribes, but if someone marks you as spam or makes a complaint, it could be very problematic. Spam complaints alone can kill your email list… 

Additionally, make sure to include your company’s physical address at the bottom of your emails (in the footer).

We also recommend getting people to reply to your emails. This will help your email reputation and deliverability by showing that folks are engaging with you and actually want to receive your emails.

Tip #3 - Be Personal & Give Value!

People get bombarded with ads and promotions all the time, so it is important that you are personable. One thing that helps with this is emailing as an actual person or from a persona.

It is also important that you give value similar to the reason the person subscribed to your list in the first place. For example, if they opted in through purchasing a health supplement, you probably shouldn’t send them golf emails. Instead, help them in their personal health journey, such as sending them complement offers and other related content. You can find a surplus of affiliate offers on the Digistore24 Marketplace.

It also helps to create related content instead of just sending constant sales emails. More value makes a subscriber want to read your emails, as well as purchase more in the future.

Tip #4 - Create A Strong Automated Welcome Series

When someone first subscribes to your list, you should create a personal automated welcome series that they go through. This should tell them why they are receiving your newsletter. Also, set expectations while building their trust. You can sell to them later, now is not the time… A good welcome series can also be used to build your email reputation and deliverability!

So give them value in the beginning and introduce them to your company and brand.

Tip #5 - Re-Engage Inactive Contacts

Create a re-engagement journey, similar to your welcome journey, for contacts that have not interacted with your email over a certain amount of time, like no opens in last 60 days. 

These emails should consist of your best performing past subject lines & content.

Just make sure you re-engage inactive contacts in a controlled way (and always clean your contacts first!). If you see open rates are low, this could hurt your overall deliverability if you’re using the same sending domain and IP. So just please be careful...

Final Thoughts

Email marketing may be around forever (or at least for a very long time) and it can be one of the most lucrative platforms for any business or affiliate to grow and scale if done properly. Generally speaking, it should account for 30%+ of your online revenue even if email marketing isn’t your primary focus.

As long as you follow these best practices, it will ensure you are getting the most out of your email marketing efforts.

A final rule of thumb, don't spam, but do show up to your subscribers in the right way. In fact, if you aren’t showing up, someone else will...

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Robert Demeter, Content Writer, Digistore24


Robert Demeter

Content Writer

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