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Francis Wolff, CEO, Digistore24 USA


Francis Wolff

Digistore24 CEO

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New Digistore24 Feature:
Fully-Customizable Cart Builder

Nov. 18, 2022

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Fully Customizable Cart Builder

As you may or may not know, Digistore24 is a robust platform packed with tools and features to make the lives of affiliates and offer owners easier. Even though Digistore24 is already a well-established full-service online sales platform with an ecosystem of different solutions to help users make more sales with less work, we’re continuously adding new features to improve the overall experience for them.

Most recently, we’ve launched The Cart Builder, a new and exclusive tool for creating custom, high-converting order forms. This feature allows you to fully customize, test and optimize your order forms to get the highest conversions possible. Plus, we also offer plenty of proven high-converting order form templates you can use right away!

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all checkout pages…

Cart Builder Highlights

  • Ability to create customized order forms quickly
  • Access to proven high-converting order form templates
  • Effortlessly optimize order forms for mobile devices
  • Use of split-testing capabilities to maximize conversions and sales

By being able to fully customize your order forms and checkout pages, you can increase your buyers' trust with consistent branding. You can also further improve conversions by using proven order form templates from the best US marketers. 

So, regardless if you play around with your own design, or choose a high-quality template, you are bound to see better results in no time. You can find all of the templates in your Digistore24 account’s Dashboard.

Furthermore, you can now optimize your order forms for mobile devices to improve user experience. This is a very important feature because these days, most traffic comes from mobile devices, so when a customer lands on your order form, everything must be fully functional and optimized.

Another key feature of the Cart Builder is the ability to do split tests through the Conversion Cockpit. That means you can test multiple designs and elements on your order forms to see what performs best.

After implementing these features, don’t forget to actively monitor performance and modify where necessary.

Top Benefits of the Digistore24 Cart Builder: Why You Should Use It

1. Increased Customer Trust

It goes without saying that a high-quality, branded order form can increase customer trust and loyalty, especially when everything is optimized for the best user experience. You don’t want your customers having second thoughts when they arrive on your checkout page. You want them to trust you and to come back to buy more in the future.

2. More Conversions=More Sales

By making use of some of the 20+ conversion components for customization, your sales and conversions will start to increase gradually as you start using the Cart Builder. Who doesn’t want more sales conversions?

3. Save Time

Drag and drop elements to create a personalized order form in just a few steps. Or, if you’re too busy to design your own order forms, you can save more time by using one of the many order form templates designed by top performing marketers.

4. Maximize performance

No more clunky check-out pages - your customers will delight at mobile-optimized order forms as you continuously improve page performance through split testing within the Conversion Cockpit.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re interested in trying out this new feature, log into your Digistore24 account and go to your Dashboard to access the new Cart Builder. The tool is pretty straightforward, but if you encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Want to become a Digistore24 vendor or affiliate? Simply go here to register for free.

Francis Wolff, CEO Digistore24


Francis Wolff

Digistore24 CEO

Francis is the CEO of Digistore24 USA, as well as an International businessman and an online marketing expert. As an entrepreneur with extensive experience in direct response marketing, licensing, e-commerce, tech startups, and product launches, Francis’ main goal at Digistore24 is to continuously improve the product by growing a network of super affiliates and connecting them to a wide variety of offer owners and brands.