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Top Digistore24 Integrations: Connect Your Favorite Tools to Digistore24

Sep 11, 2023

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Top Digistore24 Integrations: Connect Your Favorite Third-Party Tools to Digistore24

In the world of affiliate marketing, seamless integration between digital tools is key to unlocking unparalleled potential.

When it comes to scaling your online business, Digistore24 stands at the forefront, offering a robust platform with powerful tools that can help you take your affiliate marketing business to new heights - whether you’re an offer owner or affiliate marketer.

But what truly elevates Digistore24 to a league of its own is its remarkable ecosystem of integrations. In this article, we're exploring the top Digistore24 integrations, which are essential if you want to supercharge your online operations.

  • We explore Digistore24 Membership System Integrations, looking at tools that seamlessly integrate with Digistore24 which can help you to effortlessly build landing pages, membership areas & courses, as well as manage subscriptions, and digital content access
  • We look at Digistore24 Email Service Provider Integrations, showcasing how these partnerships can elevate your email marketing game by allowing you to deliver personalized and engaging content to your audience
  • Next up we delve into Digistore24 Fulfillment Company Integrations, unveiling how you can connect your Digistore24 business with fulfillment companies to improve your order fulfillment processes, ensuring that physical products reach customers efficiently and on time. 
  • And finally, we’ve lined up a couple of additional Digistore24 integrations, including tools that help with CRM, a service that actually helps you integrate one tool with another, and more.

So, whether you're looking to build affiliate marketing landing pages & membership areas that connect seamlessly with Digistore24, nurture customer relationships, optimize email marketing strategies, or streamline order fulfillment, these Digistore24 integrations are your gateway to affiliate marketing excellence.

Join us on this journey and uncover the power and potential of Digistore24's integrations.

Digistore24 Membership System Integrations

Let’s start with looking at the Digistore24 membership integrations. Digistore24 lets you connect online tools to its platform that can help you efficiently create and manage memberships, subscriptions, and content access for your customers. 

Plus, with some of these tools you can even create landing pages or courses and have everything connected to your Digistore24 account.

Whether it's managing online courses, premium content, or exclusive communities, Digistore24 offers seamless connection to user-friendly solutions to help affiliate marketing businesses deliver a top-tier membership experience to their customers.

1. Digibiz24

With Digistore24 and Digibiz24, you have the strength of two powerhouses behind your business.

Whether you want to promote an affiliate offer, or scale up your online sales, Digibiz24’s stunning page templates allow you to take control of your conversions. You can build lightning-fast, mobile optimized landing pages with just a few clicks, and by using both Digibiz24 & Digistore24, you can essentially put your online business on autopilot.

Offer owners can create entire sales funnels using Digibiz24, including high-converting sales page and upsell pages - and use Digistore24 to get targeted traffic & increase sales. Affiliates can select offers to promote on Digistore24 and use Digibiz24 to build high-converting affiliate marketing landing pages and funnels to successfully promote those same offers.

2. Coachy

Digistore24's comprehensive online sales platform seamlessly pairs with Coachy's specialized course tool, providing you with a holistic solution. 

This integration streamlines the process of selling digital courses and managing customer access, ensuring a smooth transition from purchase to course enrollment. With Digistore24 and Coachy working together, digital businesses can efficiently handle customer data, automate course enrollment, and deliver a seamless and secure learning experience for their users. 

This partnership empowers businesses to optimize their online course sales and management processes, making it an invaluable asset for those seeking to thrive in the competitive world of digital education and affiliate marketing.

3. aMember

Digistore24 x aMember represents a robust synergy between an online sales platform and membership management. This integration helps streamline sales processes and member management for Digistore24 users.

aMember can be used to create member areas, automate email campaigns and even manage affiliates. You can use aMember as a standalone installation or via WordPress.

Thanks to the IPN connection between Digistore24 and aMember, you can set your customers to be automatically added to aMember's email distribution list and thereby automatically receive access data for the member area.

4. Digital Access Pass

Digital Access Pass (DAP) is a robust and versatile membership management and content protection platform designed for businesses and entrepreneurs in the digital product space. 

With DAP, users can effortlessly create and manage membership sites, online courses, and digital product sales. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including content drip scheduling, advanced access control, secure payment processing, and integration with popular email marketing platforms. 

DAP's flexibility allows users to customize their membership sites and create tailored membership levels to suit different customer needs. Its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation make it accessible for both beginners and experienced online entrepreneurs.

Digistore24 Integrations

5. Kajabi

Kajabi is a leading all-in-one platform designed for online course creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses aiming to deliver digital products and educational content effectively. The Digistore24 and Kajabi integration offers Digistore24 users Kajabi’s comprehensive suite of tools, including website building, course creation, marketing automation, and sales capabilities, all under one roof. 

If you’re looking for a page builder that also has the capabilities to create courses and membership areas, we recommend giving Digibiz24 a shot. It has similar functionalities as Kajabi, but at a fraction of a price. Plus, a Digistore24 x Digibiz24 integration is more stable and bug-free, with both platforms having been created by the same team.

6. Webinaris

Webinaris is an all-in-one webinar platform that prides itself of being simple, effective, reliable, stable but also sophisticated. As an affiliate marketer, you can use Webinaris for an alternative marketing style with webinars, and digitize your sales conversations and automate your online business.

You can even add a Digistore24 social proof bubble using Webinaris to your webinar if you want to.

Hosting a webinar and providing valuable content to your audience can definitely increase sales, and it can position you as an authoritative figure in the subject or niche you decide to unpack and focus on.

7. WebinarJam

Similar to Webinaris, WebinarJam also allows you to reach your Digistore24 audience via webinars. It’s cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5,000 people in one presentation without breaking a sweat. 

This is perfect if you want a more natural, “face-to-face” interaction with your followers. Again, webinars are a great way to provide value and of course, promote the products you are selling. 

Building membership areas is key in affiliate marketing, so if webinars are your cup of tea, make sure you try hosting a few and see how things go.

8. WishList Member

WishList helps you protect your content from illegal and unwanted distribution, a feature that Digibiz24 also offers.

With the Digistore24 and WishList integration, you get a good membership area, with several membership levels, and the tool allows you to build and design your own website or landing page, offers dedicated support, even has payment options and of course, support integrations with Digistore24.

Digistore24 Email Service Provider Integrations

Digistore24 email service provider (ESP) integrations seamlessly bridge Digistore24's robust affiliate network and marketplace with leading ESPs, providing businesses with a direct line to their customers' inboxes.

With an ESP, affiliate marketers can automate email marketing campaigns, deliver targeted and engaging email content, nurture customer relationships, drive higher conversions, and analyze campaign performance in real-time…

And integration with Digistore24 enables businesses to not only improve their email marketing game, but save time & money in the process.

Let’s take a look at the top Digistore24 email service provider integrations below.

1. Maropost

Unlock the power of AI-driven email marketing with Maropost and personalize your messages, boost engagement, and watch your conversions soar!

Maropost brings a powerful solution to online businesses using Digistore24 who are seeking to optimize both their affiliate marketing and email marketing efforts. By merging Digistore24 with Maropost's advanced email marketing capabilities, affiliates gain the upper hand when it comes to customer communication.

This partnership enables affiliate marketing businesses to send highly targeted and personalized messages based on customer behavior and purchase history. It ensures that customers receive timely, relevant content, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversions.

2. GetResponse

Take control of your campaigns with GetResponse's user-friendly platform and automate workflows, segment your audience, and achieve phenomenal results.

GetResponse's email marketing features are designed to equip affiliates just like you with all the necessary tools to create, send, and optimize engaging email campaigns. With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop email editor, you can craft visually appealing emails without any coding knowledge. 

Additionally, advanced segmentation options also allow for precise targeting, ensuring that each email reaches the right audience. Plus, with A/B testing, you can continuously refine your email campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

The Digistore24 and GetResponse integration is a solid one, and definitely worth trying out.

3. AWeber

Create beautiful emails, gain insights with analytics, and nurture your subscribers like never before.

AWeber is a trusted email marketing platform renowned for its comprehensive features that enable businesses to create, send, and optimize email campaigns. The tool excels in list management, segmentation, and automation, allowing affiliate marketers to target their audience precisely, as well as automating email sequences. 

The platform provides extensive analytics and reporting tools to track email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber engagement, helping you make data-driven decisions for your email marketing strategies.

By connecting Digistore24 with AWeber's advanced email marketing tools, you gain a holistic solution for customer engagement and conversion.

4. Klaviyo

Merge Digistore24 with Kalviyo and target the right audience at the right time using Klaviyo's advanced segmentation and analytics and watch your revenue grow and your customers stay satisfied!

Klaviyo is a leading email marketing and automation platform that empowers businesses to create, send, and optimize highly personalized and effective email campaigns. Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced segmentation & targeting capabilities, Klaviyo also excels in email marketing automation, allowing affiliates to set up automated email blasts & campaigns.

With detailed analytics and reporting, affiliate marketers can track the performance of their email campaigns and gain valuable insights to refine their strategies. 

5. Sendlane

Sendlane is a dedicated email marketing and automation platform that empowers businesses to create, send, and optimize email campaigns with ease, delivering higher engagement rates to boost your email marketing ROI.

Whether it's sending targeted product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, or post-purchase follow-ups, the Sendlane and Digistore24 integration can empower your business to deliver timely and relevant messages that enhance customer relationships and drive sales. 

This partnership streamlines the process of nurturing prospects into loyal customers, making it a valuable asset if you’re seeking to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

6. MailChimp

Join the millions who trust MailChimp for their email campaigns and create eye-catching emails, get actionable insights, and witness the magic of email marketing.

Mailchimp is a widely recognized email marketing automation platform that allows businesses to create, send, and optimize email campaigns with ease. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Mailchimp offers an array of professionally designed email templates and a versatile email editor, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

All you need to do is to connect Digistore24 to Mailchimp and enjoy all the amazing email features that will help you increase your sales! Mailchimp also excels in list management, segmentation, and automation, allowing you to target your traffic precisely.

Digistore24 Integrations

7. Blastable

Blastable is a simple but powerful email software that focuses on email inbox deliverability, designed with flexibility and performance in mind. With Blastable, you can send unlimited emails, and importing your contacts is a breeze.

Real-time analytics give you instant access to crucial statistics like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes, and the platform's advanced list segmentation feature lets you create precise segments based on your preference for more targeted email campaigns. 

Plus, you can create custom sign-up forms and templates using their drag-and-drop email editor. With the added convenience of live chat support, connecting Digistore24 to Blastable is a great strategy if you want to improve your email marketing efforts.

8. Quentn

By combining Quentn's comprehensive marketing automation capabilities with Digistore24's robust platform, you gain robust functionalities for enhancing your email marketing strategies. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of customer data, purchase histories, and sales funnel automation, enabling businesses to create highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns. 

Whether it's automating email sequences, segmenting audiences, or nurturing leads, the Quentn x Digistore24 integration allows businesses to optimize their customer journeys and increase conversion rates. This partnership streamlines the process of turning leads into loyal customers, making it an invaluable asset in your arsenal.

9. CleverReach

The Digistore24 and CleverReach integration presents an exciting opportunity for affiliate marketers to enhance their email marketing and customer management endeavors. CleverReach, renowned for its robust email marketing solutions, seamlessly connects with Digistore24, enabling businesses to effortlessly import and manage customer data. 

CleverReach helps with targeted email campaigns, automating responses, and delivering personalized content to customers. With CleverReach and Digistore24 working in tandem, you can elevate your email marketing strategies and drive higher engagement and conversions, and of course, higher sales.

10. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a versatile marketing automation platform designed to help businesses deliver personalized experiences at scale. It offers a wide range of automation features, including email marketing.

ActiveCampaign enables businesses to segment their audience, send targeted messages, and track customer interactions across various touchpoints.

With the Digistore24 and ActiveCampaign integration, businesses can orchestrate highly personalized and effective customer journeys. This integration facilitates seamless data exchange, allowing affiliate marketing businesses to automate email marketing campaigns, segment audiences, and track customer interactions from purchase to post-sale engagement.

11. iContact

iContact serves as an email marketing platform that not only allows you to craft and fine-tune your email designs but also facilitates split tests and automated dispatching. Beyond its tag-based marketing system, iContact offers an array of advanced features, including comprehensive analytics, a flexible API, and an arsenal of marketing-specific tools and strategies.

With the IPN connection bridging Digistore24 and iContact, this integration automatically imports your Digistore24 contacts into iContact, streamlining the process of setting up a dynamic and automated email system for all your customers, ensuring swift and effortless communication with your clientele.

12. Keap

The Keap and Digistore24 integration (Keap, previously known as Infusionsoft) represents a powerful synergy between two robust platforms. Apart from email marketing, Keap is equipped with a handful of other services that can further your affiliate marketing business’ growth on Digistore24.

With this integration, affiliate marketers can efficiently manage leads, nurture customer relationships, and orchestrate personalized marketing campaigns with ease. It empowers businesses to deliver timely communications, manage sales pipelines, and maximize customer engagement, ultimately driving higher conversions and revenue.

13. Klicktipp

Klicktipp, known for its advanced email marketing automation, seamlessly pairs with Digistore24, enabling online marketers to effortlessly manage customer data and automate their email marketing campaigns. 

This integration streamlines the process of crafting personalized email sequences, segmenting audiences, and delivering targeted content to customers. 

With Klicktipp and Digistore24 working in tandem, you can elevate your email marketing strategies, boost customer engagement, and drive higher conversion rates

Digistore24 Fulfillment Company Integrations

Digistore24 fulfillment company integrations signify a strategic alliance between our platform and efficient order fulfillment. 

The below tools seamlessly connect with Digistore24, drastically simplifying the process for you to deliver physical products to customers. By automating order fulfillment and shipping logistics, you can rest assured that your products reach customers on time, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

These integrations empower affiliate marketing businesses to focus on their core strategies, while leaving the intricate task of order processing in capable hands. 

So… Whether handling inventory, generating shipping labels, or ensuring timely delivery, the tools below can help you optimize backend operations, offering your business the freedom to scale and flourish in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

1. ShipOffers

The Digistore24 and ShipOffers integration empowers affiliate marketing businesses to optimize their sales operations, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of products, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and business growth in this competitive online marketplace.

ShipOffers has been pioneering on-demand product and fulfillment services since 2001, exclusively for entrepreneurs aiming to expand their ventures and achieve greater financial success.

2. ShipStation

Digistore24 & ShipStation partnership allows affiliate marketers to improve their sales operations and enhance the shipping experience for their customers, which automatically leads to better customer satisfaction and growth for business.

ShipStation gives you access to the world's top carriers, helping affiliates find the lowest shipping rate for parcels & packages of different sizes.


The Digistore24 and integration signifies a powerful collaboration. Digistore24's comprehensive affiliate network seamlessly connects with's specialized order and product fulfillment services, providing businesses with an end-to-end solution. 

With these two powerhouses working together, businesses can efficiently manage their product inventory, automate order fulfillment, and provide a smooth and reliable shopping experience for their customers.

4. Shopify

Yes… Digistore24 seamlessly integrates with Shopify, as well. Shopify is supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, the world’s biggest brands, and everyone in between - including aspiring affiliate marketers.

This integration streamlines various aspects of online product sales, inventory management, and order processing. 

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5. EagleLabs

With Digistore24 and EagleLabs working together, businesses can streamline their shipping operations. This partnership empowers businesses to stay competitive in a fast-paced digital landscape, offering them the tools they need to succeed in 

EagleLabs also offers various other services, apart from just catering to fulfillment needs.

6. JetPack Shipping

JetPack is a comprehensive shipping and logistics solution that simplifies order fulfillment for businesses. With real-time shipping rates, streamlined label printing, order tracking, and efficient order management, JetPack is the perfect tool for all your shipping needs. 

With its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, JetPack is an invaluable asset for businesses looking to optimize their shipping processes, reduce costs, and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers… Especially when JetPack integrates perfectly with Digistore24.

Other Valuable Digistore24 Integrations


Zapier is an automation tool that acts as a bridge between different apps and services, making it possible to connect them and create workflows without any coding knowledge. 

Zapier integrates with thousands of apps, allowing businesses to create seamless connections between tools like email marketing platforms, project management software, CRM systems, and more. 

So if you’re looking to easily connect Digistore24 with your favorite tool(s), make sure you check out Zapier. Its versatility makes the Digistore24 and Zapier integration an indispensable collaboration for any business aiming to simplify complex connections and workflows.


SwissMadeMarketing is a Swiss-based digital marketing company with a full suite of features & tools every affiliate marketer should have at their disposal. 

From AI tools to SEO and keyword research capabilities, data analytics, website editor and traffic analysis, SwissMadeMarketing is the jack of all trades.

It provides the necessary insights and tools to help businesses improve their online visibility and grow their organic traffic. With a reputation for accuracy and innovation, SwissMadeMarketing is a trusted resource for businesses seeking to enhance their search engine optimization strategies.


This integration enables seamless data synchronization between SalesForce and Digistore24, facilitating the streamlined management of customer information, sales, and marketing processes. 

Businesses can harness the power of SalesForce's extensive CRM capabilities to better understand and engage their customers, create targeted marketing campaigns, and improve sales performance. 

This integration empowers businesses to nurture leads, optimize customer relationships, and drive higher conversion rates, all within the trusted SalesForce ecosystem. It's a strategic choice for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their CRM data to fuel sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


In affiliate marketing, seamless integration between your day to day tools is key if you want to become truly successful. 

Whether it's membership systems, email service providers, order fulfillment, or an array of other valuable tools, as a Digistore24 user, these integrations can empower you to take your affiliate marketing endeavors to the next level. 

The synergy between Digistore24 and the tools mentioned in this article hold the power and potential to transform your affiliate marketing strategy, increase your sales and streamline your processes.

Digistore24 integrations

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